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Sims 4 Mods by MSQSims

Many of you have requested and shown more interest in Mods for The Sims 4, so we are delivering on that request!  We are going to take a look at some new mods to The Sims Resource by MSQSims.  All of these Sims 4 mods by MSQSims mentioned in this blog are available now on The Sims Resource and you can find them HERE!  



MSQSims is a Featured Artists here a The Sims Resource who specializes in beauty and Sim CC.  Not only can you find Sims with superb style on MSQs’ TSR site, but MSQSims also has mods!

MSQSims Sims 4 Mod

MSQSims started modding after she discovered some impressive mods by  Scumbumbo, Kawaiistacie, and some other modders.    The first thing she did was look at tutorials to create mods.  It took several weeks to learn how to mod, by MSQSims kept at it.  MSQSims now has over thirty mods! 

Sims 4 Mod

MSQSims started with the Autonomous Interaction mods first, as they bothered her and her gameplay.  The most bothersome Autonomous Interaction for MSQ was when Sims autonomously browse the web on phone. I find this one quite annoying as well, as I get them set up to take a photo. and poof out pops the phone!  Well, now that problem is gone with the handy No Autonomous Playing Games by Phone mod

Modding with MSQSims

MSQSims is still repairing several mods, however, she has thirty-two active mods ready to go!  The remainder of the mods need to be updated and once she can get them fixed we will probably see them here on The Sims Resource!

Sims 4 Mod

Speaking of Mod updates MSQSims provided me with a fantastic tip for mods use to share with everyone.  “When the mods have been updated, it is important to remove the old packages/script files first. If you just replace the files it can happen that the mods do not work.”

Three of MSQSims’ mods contain script files.  MSQSims also has another tip for you if you are using script mods.  “The script files can be in a subfolder but not deeper otherwise the mods will not work.”

Must-Have Mods

The two mods that you should definitely have are the Weather & Forecast Cheat Menu and the Seasons Cheat Menu.  MSQSims recommends these two mods for gameplay and uses these two the most out of all thirty-two of her mods! Of course, this means no need to wait on a sunny day to go to the beach! Or missing out on that nice morning hike? Not anymore!

My personal favorite is the No Autonomous Work Outs, nothing is more annoying than when I am trying to pose my Sims and then they drop and give me ten! With MSQSim’s mod, there are no delays and no more random pushups messing with my posing setup.


Just think… all those Autonomous Interactions that can be so annoying… most of them now have a mod that prevents them from happening! Thank you MSQSims!  You can find Mods and more CC by MSQSims on her TSR Mini site HERE

Looking for more articles on Mods?  We have quite a few here at The Sims Resource.  Check out our Mod Spotlight, Pose Player Guide, and Using Sims Mods articles.

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