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Hey Simmers! It’s Paige and I’m here with a review of the three new Sims 4 kits. Kits are mini packs of content with specific themes, like “Country Kitchen” or “Throwback Fit Kit”. Let’s dive into these kits and see what they’re all about!

Bust the Dust

The Bust the Dust Kit comes with a new gameplay feature! Dust bunnies will gradually spawn in your Sims’ homes over time, and you can ask them to do things like search for valuables to make some extra Simoleons or even befriend them. Watch out, because friendly dust bunnies have their match in nefarious Filth Fiends, who can start fires in your Sims’ home if you don’t vacuum frequently enough! I’m a big fan of the dust bunnies–they’re super cute and let me live out the fantasy of being someone who doesn’t sneeze constantly when dust arises.

In Build/Buy, you can purchase a total of 5 vacuums of both the rolling and handheld variety. My favorite is the G7 Swivel Swank, which costs a cool 950 Simoleons–but you pay for quality, and I would like there to be absolutely no dust left in my Sim houses! Be sure to warn your Sim pets if you decide to start vacuuming–they are very afraid of them, the opposite of how Sim pets love to ride around on the formerly introduced Robot Vacuum (which my Sims, like my irl father, love to run as early in the morning as possible to wake everyone up at the crack of dawn).

Country Kitchen

Next up, country kitchen, aka what my mother would immediately request if we were ever featured on a home renovation show. There’s something about the rustic kitchen look that’s really timeless, and when painted in bright colors it feels fresh and modern without feeling stark and cold. This kit comes with 15 total build/buy items.

Some of my favorite pieces of this kit are the decorative counter items, which I feel really bring life to an in-game kitchen. In particular, the bread container and casserole platter are going to be fixtures in my Sim-kitchens to come as they made the whole room feel that much more warm and home-y. Overall, the country kitchen kit might be my favorite of the three because of how cute and aesthetically pleasing it is.

Throwback Fit

Lastly, we have the Throwback Fit Kit! This kit is full of 90’s inspired workout looks and comes with 19 adult, 5 child, and 1 toddler CAS items. Of these three, my favorite is probably the tennis dress and bucket hat combo–my Sim looks like a character from Clueless in the best way possible, and I am now coveting a tennis dress of my very own irl.

I love the half-zip/dress combo item! Athleisure has made a major comeback in the past few years and I can absolutely see an item like this trending soon. Also likely to come back soon is the short collared dress on the right, which has major Margo Tennenbaum vibes for all you film buffs.

My favorite outfit of the entire kit might be the pink one on the right side of the above image–I was literally shopping for a workout set that looked just like it the other day and I think it combines 90s style with modern color schemes to make it a unique look.

Don’t worry! Kids and teens get new looks too.  The full 90s sweatsuit is available to kids and it looks adorable on them, and the bucket hat is available to toddlers, just in case you want your little ones to be the most stylish kiddos on the block.

That’s it for my review of the Sims 4 Kits! My favorite kit is probably Country Kitchen (which I’m going to use in a lot of my builds going forward), Throwback Fit and Bust the Dust are definitely lots of fun too! Interested in kits? You can learn even more about them on EA’s website.


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