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Sim Halloween Costumes — Part 2

What makes a good Sim Halloween Costume into a GREAT one?  Well, you are in luck! As we at TSR know the answer and have plenty of downloads to help you on your way to costume greatness.  Your Sims will look fabulous or scary, whichever you choose. The key to having a great Sim Halloween Costume is of course great custom content.  More specifically the little details put into the costume, such as; accessories and make-up.

At TSR you can easily sort your search by theme or type of download desired using the provided filters. Of course, there are new creations daily and with Halloween right around the corner, there are limitless options in Sim Halloween Costume design.

I focused this batch of Sim Halloween Costume ensembles more on the creepy side, so if that sort of thing creeps you out, do not look at these costumes and makeup at night!

The Banshee

We are starting right out with a bang.  This Banshee is creepy and perfect for an adult Sim Halloween Costume.  The skin is the lightest default skin possible with the Makeup overlay by Nys!k and lipstick by Angissi.  This banshee needed some nice long thick hair so I selected Wingsims’ TZ0912 style.  The eyes for this costume are extremely important and needed something ghostly so I used Seleng’s Eyes N36.  The gown I wanted to be flowy like a fancy but solid white nightgown or possibly a wedding gown so I used the Leonora Dress by Sifix.  This costume is relatively simple as aside from those elements there really is not much else as far as downloads.

The Golden Alien

Out of everything spooky for Halloween, Aliens scare me the most! If you are going to be an Alien for Halloween, might as well be a gold one right?  Well, this golden overlay is Gold & Diamonds by LuxySims3.  The lipstick is IzzieMcFire’s Apocalyptica Lipstick and although it is not part of the set it really matches well.  The hair is by Qicc and the headband by Genuis666.   The theme of this Sims Halloween Costume is Golden so black pairs very well with that theme.

The Cyborg

This Cyborg costume has a lot of elements from different artists.  The main focus of this costume was the Cyborg Set by RemusSirion.   Pralinesims’ Dysfunction Chromatus skin matches absolutely perfectly as it has those lines that look very cybernetic.  The eyes needed to have an extreme glow effect, the ones selected for this costume are by Seleng.  The Scars and eyeball ring are all default game with one scar by Reevaly.  For the outfit, I wanted something modern by showing enough of the model’s chest for the lines in the skin so I selected this top by Genuis666.


The Dragoness sim is my absolute favorite from this batch and she has a ton of CC downloads in her costume.  The main components of this costume are; hair, horns, and eyes.  The very textured and clean hairstyle is from Eliavah and is called Sylph Hair.  The eyes are Dragon Eyes by RemusSirion and horns are by LeahLillith.   Accessories are; NataliS’ Vampire Teeth Choker, DarkNighTt’s Horn Earrings, Pralinesims’ CheriaRings, Zeta Nails by Pralinesims, Benevolence-c’s Fallen Roses Tattoo, and RemusSirion’s Forehead Maring.  Makeup is by Pralinesims, Jul_Haos, and FashionRoyaltySims.

Possessed Child

Well, now you can thank me for not sleeping tonight.  This Sims Halloween Costume is for those parents that want to absolutely terrify all their neighbors and friends.  The hairstyle is by Enriques4, lipstick by Pralinesims,  eyeshadow by RemusSirion, Forehead Marking by RemusSirion, and dress by Bukovka.  Of course, decorative contacts in human toddlers is not advisable, but for Sim toddlers, it is perfectly safe, or at least I hope so.  These decorative contacts are N36 by Seleng.


What is Halloween without some Devils and Demons costumes! This Sims Halloween Costume is another one that has a lot of downloads from different artists.  Starting with the jewelry the ring by Feyona, lip rings by Pralinesims, and earrings by Sugar Owl.   Those cute little wings are the Demonic Wings V2 , by SuzueThe tattoos are by Sugar Owl, eyes by FashionRoyaltySims,  costume makeup by luvjake, hair by Wingssims, and top by Belal1997.   Now, what good demon costume does not have horns?  Well, this one has a pair of double horns by Suzue.

The Siren

Ah a mermaid, see perfectly safe on this costume!  The one great thing about TSR is it brings so many artists to one place.  This is another costume that carries a lot of downloads from uniquely talented artists.  Part of this costume is also a set specifically made for sirens or mermaids by FashionRoyaltySims.  The eyes are also designed for this type of look and are called Siren Eyes by RemusSirion.  The hairstyle is the Aurora hairstyle by Feral Poodles and comes in such a wide variety of colors.   Although you cannot see much of it the outfit is Jaru Sims’ Mermaid 7 Set.   My favorite part about this particular costume is the eyebrows by Tatygagg.  This gives the overall look of the Siren costume such a dynamic shift than standard eyebrows.

Spider Queen

Another not too scary Sim Halloween Costume, well, unless you are terrified of spiders. This Spider Queen’s costume focus was everything web and spider related and has a large amount of downloads.  For starters, that nice cute hairstyle is the Selena hair by Qicc with the accessory of the Sabrina Headband by AntoThe spider earrings are by Suzue and the catsuit is by Bill Sims both are the perfect addition for your spiderlings.  Makeup on this costume is very important and is Jul Haos’ lipstick, EvilQuinzel’s eyes, JulHaos’ eyeshadow, and most importantly Seleng’s N29 eyeliner.

The Clown

So it is Halloween and we are talking makeup, I regret to inform you that I am obligated to include a clown costume.  Most of the elements here are from the Pennywise set by FashionRoyaltySims, in which each element is highly detailed and alpha content.  The lipstick is not from the set, but I wanted to make this Sim Halloween Costume as creepy as possible so FashionRoyaltySims’ dripping  Vampire Makeup Collection lipstick fit the bill.  The hair is by SintikliaSims and top by Arltos.


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