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Sim Death – EA Approved Ways to Kill Your Sims… not murder

One of the wonderful elements of the Sims games is the ability to simulate the entire life cycle.  Of course, this also includes cutting said cycle short with lots of Sim Death. EA has put in various ways for Sims to perish.    There are lots of ways to help nudge the Reaper in the direction you wish him to go and there are ways to do this without mods.  If patience is not your best virtue there are also cheats to assist you on your killing spree.

There are of course the classic ways to die; burning, drowning, and old age, but there are also some ‘fun’ ways to go out with bang so to say.   New death animations sometimes come in an expansion, game, or stuff pack and this is one of the first things players want to see.

The following deaths are all within the Sims game or expansions of the Sims 4 game.  We would like to say that no Sims were hurt in the making of this article, but we will not tell lies.  There was a  lot of trial and error to get the animation and properly capture it.  Some poor Sims had the unpleasant experience to die multiple times.

The Sims 4 team have included some really interesting and surprising deaths.  For example, who would think that this cute innocent little ball of fuzz could start a chain reaction to wipe out your entire neighborhood with a deadly virus!

As always any CC you see in these images is all found here on TSR!

Drowning–in the Ocean

Somehow I messed up and gave both male Sims in my killing house the same hairstyle (SClub’s Leon Hair).  So naturally one of them had to die immediately.  Duke was sent to Sulani with Emilia.  Duke and Emilia enjoyed the beach and it soon became dark.  Emilia snuck home at about 2am, Duke, snorkeled away all through the night.  When morning came he was a little tired.

Duke swam and built up fitness level three and then began to free dive.  Quickly after sunset, he pulled a muscle and then became exhausted. Sadly Duke became confused in his state of exhaustion (by me clicking different beaches before he reached shore) and he sadly drowned in the ocean.

Because no other Sim was with Duke we missed out on the special Urn and Duke was never seen again.  However, a local fisherman reports seeing the Reaper with some rocking snorkel gear in the area Duke was last seen.

Murphy Bed

This Sim death came with the Tiny Living Pack.   A Murphy Bed is a bed that folds up into a cabinet and is perfect for smaller spaces, hence why it was included with Tiny Living.  With this foldable bed comes a new way for your Sims to die. The bed has a higher chance to kill sims when it is broken.  Sims can also upgrade the bed to reduce their risk of a Murphy Bed crushing death.

This is another death that can take a bit of time. it took Audrey May a few hours to get the murphy bed to finally break!  The bed finally broke and the sim took a dive.

The whole ordeal took three rounds of Murphy Bed failure until the sim finally perished. I don’t know about you but this death looks pretty painful!

One neat element of the death by Murphy Bed is that the ghost will have a Z on it.

Dryer Malfunction

This was a new one for me, and it was introduced way back with Laundry Day Stuff.  If you do not clean your lint trap, your dryer has a chance of starting on fire.  This can be a big problem if you are not trying to kill your Sims.  If you are trying to kill your Sims via dryer, it can take a few tries.  The more full your lint trap is the higher chance for a fire.  This is a very boring death to set up and the fire happens fast so you need to be ready!

Johnny here was irresponsible and did not clean his lint trap, EVER.  He completed a total of six successful loads before his dryer broke.  Johnny was able to fix it and still did not clean the lint trap.  After he fixed the dryer the washer leaked and then the next load the dryer caught on fire and caught Johnny on fire.  The fire almost spread to the Hamster so Tiffany saved the day and extinguished Johnny.

Johnny is wearing Sclub’s Leon hairstyle and Belal1997’s Kyle Top.  Tiffany is wearing Feral Poodles Olive Hair, Pinkfizzzzz’s Apocalyptic Doomwear Dungarees, &  ShakeProductions 513 High Heels.

Spellcaster Overload

As one who does not actively try to kill sims, the overload death was another animation I had never experienced.  It took a grand total of five overloads before Emilia finally met her demise.  You would have thought her roommates would be glad to be rid of her as she set almost everything in the home on fire.  However, Johnny pleaded for Emilia’s life and the Reaper gave her another chance.

For most Sims a second lease on life would prompt change and a new outlook.  Not Emilia, she saw the opportunity to try out her spells on the Reaper.

With her spell meter already dangerously high Emilia paid no attention and ignited the Reaper’s robes.  She then followed up with a Zap Zap on the Reaper.  However, by the time the Reaper turned around Emilia was already dead again on the floor.  This time the Reaper denied Johnny’s pleads and claimed Emilia, leaving her urn.

Emilia’s skin details are Nord’s Levo Skinblend & hairstyle is by the Morgana Hair by FeralPoodles.

Moodlet Deaths: Cardiac Explosion/Hysteria

The cardiac explosion death is a fast easy way to finish off your hot-headed Sims just as the hysteria death is a fast way to get rid of those overly jolly Sims.  These two deaths are fairly easy to generate, especially with cheats.  I cheated with the cardiac explosion and simulated the hysteria death ‘naturally.’  For both of these deaths to happen, you must have the proper moodlet on the Sim.

For cardiac explosion, you need to progress through the angry moodlets to enraged.  Once enraged you must keep your sim in this state.  Fallon here was a hot-head and evil sim so this was an easy task with her and cardiac explosion.

Fallon’s accessories are; Showtime Face Kit, Karliah Eyes, DIY Nose Piercing Set, Pralinesims Eyebrow Pack N02. The hairstyle is the Lydia by Nightcrawler. 

Just keep the Sim you wish to experience cardiac explosion super angry and the death will happen after the timer runs out.  I kept Fallon fighting as much as possible until her untimely demise came.

So dying from laughter sounds way more pleasant than a cardiac explosion, but all in all, it is the same result Sim Death.  The magic moodlet for death by hysteria are playful and happy moodlets combined.  The faster way to ensure this is to use a comedian Sim and decorate with some playful objects and poof! Recipe for disaster, well laughter rather.

Setting up the scene and selecting the perfect Sim no doubt assisted the time needed to kill a Sim with laughter.  The hysteria death took a little over two hours to generate whereas the cardiac explosion, with cheating, only took 20 minutes.

Tiffany’s accessories; Cheria Rings, Dark Roses Tattoo, Enigma Nails N15 & Morina Hoop Earring Trio.  Tiffany’s skin details are Nords’ Lenis Skinblend

Death by laughter is possibly one of the most annoying Sim Deaths to generate.  It would appear as Tiffany’s roommates also shared my displeasure for this death result.

Fallon is wearing Ekinege’s Sequin Embellished Jacket, Pinkzombiecupcakes’ Summer Denim Shorts, & MJ95’s Rudy Boots.

Cowplant Chow

Cow Plants are for experienced gardeners only!  These lovely majestic creatures come from the rare find of cowplant berries.  Gardners must plant the berries and then take care of the plant until it matures.  Once the plant matures the Sim must still care for the Cow Plant.  As if the Sim neglects to feed the Cow Plant it could die of hunger or eat another Sim.

There are two ways a Sim can become Cow Plant Chow in Sims 4; 1. being lured in with a cake or 2. becoming a sacrifice for another Sim to live.  In both cases of Sims Death, the cow plant eats the Sim.

For the purpose of your amusement, TSR held a contest – Best Sim Death.  The staff selected our top three favorites to highlight here in this article.  We had some great laughs and learned new ways to creatively kill our Sims.  All of the entries were great and we thank you, everyone, for participating.

Winner #1 – Pufferfish Roulette

Have a bad chef in the family?  Great bring over ALL your neighbors and friends! Most of us are familiar with the pufferfish, but did you know that if it is not properly cooked it packs a punch, a death punch?  The best combination for a pufferfish poison souffle is a poor quality pufferfish and a bad mood.  This ‘winning’ combination carries the risk of 50% death! Better mood lessens the chance of death but poor quality pufferfish always has the chance of death.

Saltyunicorn22 method for death and chaos was well planned and definitely out of the box type thinking.  In one party, they fished up three dead Sims in just one botched batch of pufferfish. Keep in mind you must have City Living for this Sim Death. This particular Pufferfish Roulette had strong odds of 50% chance of death, killing three of six guests.

Winner #2 – Ice Queen – Frozen Selfie

No one would in a million years predict that the Ice Queen herself would meet an untimely demise by freezing to death.  But as we all know, now with seasons it can and will happen.  This is one of the quicker ways to kill your sims aside from burning them.

Paulaplayssims’ version of Elsa was too busy taking a selfie to really pay attention to the cold temperatures, I don’t think she will be able to Let this one Go.

Winner #3 – Collection of Death

Tazreentasnim’s collection of creative ways to kill their Sims.  You can see that they include a nice stroll during the daylight with their vampire and a relaxing bike ride through the waters of Sulani.

Winner #4 – Cellphone Addiction

Well, Robin from Facebook had the unfortunate instance of his Sim dying in the spa.  It appears as the sim was paying too much attention to their phone to notice they had been in the Spa too long.

Winner #5 – Financial Restraints

We have all heard of the no pool ladder, but usually, it is on purpose.  In this unfortunate incident, Palak on Twitter could not afford to save their sim by purchasing a ladder, sadly resulting in Sim Death.

Winner #6 – Soul Mates

Just like Sims can die so can pets and Cow Plants.  Goga Anna on Facebook had a Cow Plant that was very attached to it’s owner.  According to Goga Anna, the cow plant had been fed just a few hours before it died.  Apparently, The cow plant was connected to the Elder Sim who passed at the same time as the Cow Plant. The Cow Plant now lingers on the lot in memory of the bond it shared with it’s owner.

Winner #7 – Distracting Death

One would think that by distracting the Reaper one could avoid death altogether.  Sadly this is not the case!  Jamie submitted this screen capture of a sim chatting it up with Reaper, while his friend was in the pool dead.

I would like to give a special thank you to Audrey May for helping contributing screenshots.




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