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Fall Fashion – Sweaters & Boots

Fall is a great season for fashion!  Here at TSR there are so many wonderful artists that have created Fall Fashion for your Sims.  Not to mention that here at TSR we will be taking themed submissions for Autumn Themed CC. You can already check out the submissions by clicking on theme and then Autumn.

We are going to focus on Fall themed sweaters and boots.  Traditionally, this would include a lot of warm neutral tones, such as brown, beige, olive, rust, tan, and brown.  When one thinks of Fall Fashion they often also think of thick wool or knit sweaters with designs woven or crocheted into them.  I promise you all these traditional parts of Fall Fashion can all be found here on TSR.  Your Sims are going to be so ready for Fall!

Curtis is wearing Nightcrawler’s Meliorn Hairstyle, Margeh-75’s Jerome Sweater, Salt Pants by RemusSirion, and DSF’s Boots Gneiss.  


From left to right: 531 Boots, 504 Leather Boots, 534 Boots, 442 Boots, and 396 Boots.  Devin’s Makeup & Skin CC: Ms. Blue Skintone Set V3, Nords’ Spotless Skinblend, Seleng Eyeshadow N59, Pralinesims’ Eyebrows N02, Lady Simmer’s Tickled Pink Body Blush, and Pretty Lil Eyeliner.  Devin’s Clothing CC: Nightcrawler Mocah Hairstyle, Luapipi’s Cute Tights, Trillyke’s  Zoey Crop and Wave Bikini Bottoms.

Fall Fashion particularly sweaters and boots are super popular on TSR.  Many of which have over 20,000 downloads per item. For example, ShakeProductions, a featured artist here at TSR who is known for lots of fancy boots has over 62,683,000 downloads.  Now, that is all of their 1,700 plus creations, and they do have some nice boots and sweaters!  ShakeProductions has a little bit of everything for adult female sims.  My favorite ShakeProductions boots are probably the 504 Leather Boots.  But, this is an artist I download a lot of content from, I could easily download everything ShakeProductions has submitted on TSR.


From Left to Right: Cozy Dress, Elyana Top, Elisha Sweater, Georgi Top, and Zaful Sweater.  Vinnie’s Other CC: FeralPoodles’ Puanani Hair, Jius’ High Rise Boot Cut Jeans, Nords’ Spotless Skinblend, FRS Lipstick N201, PW Demon Nails, LadySimmer’s Moonlit Eyeshadow, Lady Simmer Miss Kitty Liner, and Jius’ Leather over the Knees Boots.

Margeh-75 is another featured artist here at TSR that is well known for sweaters and one of my personal binge downloads.  Most importantly you can also find very nice quality male sweaters and sweaters for children.  The textures are all good quality but are not super alpha, more like alpha CC light. Regardless, the CC looks great and Margeh-75 makes rocking sweater dresses, peekaboo sweaters, bodysuits, and mid drifts.  The average amount of downloads on their creations ranges, but generally for sweater related items the average seems to be about 40,000 downloads per item. Margeh-75 definitely offers a lot of variety on TSR for simmers.


According to the typical style, a sweater is a type of clothing that is knitted or crocheted for the upper portion of a body.   Materials typically include wool or cotton and the traditional style is long-sleeved. If the sweater is sleeveless it is generally called a sweater-vest and if it has sleeves and buttons up it is called a cardigan.   In some areas, even sweatshirts are called sweaters.  Here on TSR there are lots of variations to fit whatever style fits your needs for all ages of Sims.

Sweaters for Toddlers

Highlighted Sweaters are; lillka’s Cozy Winter Sweater 02, lillka’s Fox Sweater, Bukovka’s Lama Shirt lillka’s Cozy Winter Sweater 04,  and Bukovka’s Sweater Animals.  Other Toddler CC: Bukovka Leather Pants, Bukovka’s Winter Boots, Infinite Plumbobs Doc Martens, Bukovka Llama Pants, Bukovka’s Fashionista Shoes

Fall Fashion for toddlers usually includes some very durable and warm clothing.  Bukovka has a lot of really nice and highly texturized sweaters for your toddlers. lillka also has some adorable animal-themed sweaters and sweater dresses that are perfect for fall attire.  You want your toddlers to be able to move around comfortably and do not want scratchy fabrics to rub on their delicate skin.  Fortunately, we have just that at TSR as well as some super cute Fall themed sweaters.

Sweaters for Children

Highlighted Sweaters: lillka’s Sweatshirt for Girls P06, lillka’s Stripped Sweater for BoysBukovka’s Lama Shirt, lillka’s Sweater for Boys P01lillka’s Cozy Sweater Dress.  Other CC: Dksimsxo’s Slouchy Boots, Trudieopp’s Boots, Bukovka’s Lama Pants, Madlen Katy Boots, MH-75 Rona Jeans, Tiffybee’s UCC Boots, McLayne Sims’ Lebison Formal Pants, Nords’ Ndidi Hair, and  Ms Blue’s Skinton Set V3.

There are a lot of fun options for sweaters for children at TSR.  TrudieOpp has a knit sweater for female child Sims that has different embellishments on the swatches, such as glitter and raised knitwork.  Bukovka also has a good amount of knit sweaters with detailed knitwork, most of which are in traditional fall colors. You can also find some sweaters by lillka with some fun patterns at TSR.  Their patterns range from traditional stripes to animals, stars, and flowers.

Sweaters for Teens

I know teen Sims can wear the exact same cc as Young Adults, Adults, and Elders, however, there is a lot of content that seems more geared towards Teen Sims specifically.  For example, sweaters that are asymmetrical the mid-drift cut sweaters seem a little more geared towards Teens and University aged Sims.   There are also quite a few sweaters with bright vibrant patterns.

Highlighted CC -Black Lily’s Sweater and Denim Overall Dress 02

One of the best examples of content perfect for your teen sims in the Fall Fashion department is Black Lily’s Sweater and Denim Overall Dress The star pattern on the one swatch is super cute, the item does require the Discover University EP.

Marcos is wearing DarkNighTt’s Cashmere Funnel Neck Sweater and SimmieV’s Simblreen Sweater.  Other CC:  DSF Boots Gneiss, RemusSirion Salt Pants, DSF Boots Leather, S-Club Eyebrows 202010, RemusSirion Lipstick Soli, Sugar Owl Millennial Earrings Set, Merci Contour Palatte, Pralinesims’ Nails N02, and Ms. Blue Skintone Set V3.

Emma is wearing Plumbobs n fries’ Mabel Dress, JaruSims Helga Pullover, and Camuflaje’s Melissa Blouse.  Other CC: Puresim Ari Jeans, Pralinesims’s Eyebrows N02, LadySimmer’s Linda Eyeliner, Little Cakes/SiimplyJessica’s Sweater Boots Recolor, IlazyNeiph Marisol Boots, Nords’ Spotless Skinblend, Elfdor’s Seasons Boots, Bukovka’s Flower Tights, HeartMelanie Glitter #2 Lipstick, Nords’ Skinblend Levo, Angissi’s Golden Sand Eyeshadow, Saliwa High Waist Jeans, and JulHaos’ Highlighter #1 

Sweaters for Adults & Elders

Highlighted Sweaters: Ysasims’ Cropped Sweater Recolor, Camuflaje’s Ariel, Paogae’s Wool Sweater, Laupipi’s Sweater TP351, Pipco’s Instinct Blouse.  Other CC: Nords’ Lenis Skinblend, Feral Poodles’ Lily Hair, Jul Hoas’ Lipstick #14, Orano’s Double Slit SkirtSims4LifeStories’ Victoria Balance Tights, Jwofles Sims’ Anisa Boot, Bukovka’s Knitted Tights, Madlen’s Elizabeth Boots, Sentate’s Lulu Boots, Madlen’s Casilda BootsPZC High Waist Denim Skinnies, and Madlen’s Natasha Boots

There are so many options at TSR for your Adult & Elder Sims for Fall Fashion.  For example, there are some really fancy downloads that can make your Sims go from boring to High Fashion Runway in a snap.  One of these pieces is Laupip Sweater TP351, in less than a month this fancy sweater was downloaded over 30,000 times.  This sweater is base game compatible and has fifteen different swatches including translucent sleeves.

Nina is wearing – Bukovka’s Top Body, LadySimmer’s Lily Jane Eyeliner, LMCS’ Bells Nails, Qicc’s Selena Hair, Elfdor’s Seasons Boots, RemusSirion Blush 24, LadySimmer’s Moonlit Eyeshadow, Nords’ Skinblend MB, Nords’ Skinblend Lenis, FRS Lipstick N188, and Ms. Blue Skintones V3.

Of course, your Adult & Elder Sims need comfortable traditional fall sweaters as well as the fancy Fall Fashion.  SimmieV has some wonderful comfortable Maxis Match sweaters for your Male Adult & Elder Sims.  SimmieV has a cowlneck sweater, pullover sweaters, and a sweater vest all available for download here at TSR.

Curtis is wearing SimmieV’s Edward & Piers Argyle Sweater Vest & Cozy Sweater Fall 2019,  Other CC: Seleng Beard N 59, Nord’s Skinblend MB, Nightcrawler’s Meliorn Hair, and DarkNightT’s Suede Formal Boots.  


Looking for great boots for your Sims’ fall looks? Well, you are in the right place at TSR, we have lots of boots for you to download! The formal definition of a boot is footwear that covers most of the foot and ankle and traditionally rubber or leather in material.  Traditionally boots were worn for protecting the wearer’s feet from work hazards and the elements. The length of the boot and heel size of the boot vary tremendously with style.   Now boots are a staple fashion trend in fall fashion for Sims.

Boots for Toddlers & Children

Finding the perfect boots for your Toddler or Child Sims can be a bit tricky.  This is one of those areas that does not quite have a large amount of CC available.  However, TSR has a good amount to get you a better selection than what the game gives you.  For Toddlers, the good thing is that they can get by with wearing socks and booties as they are small and well kick off their shoes anyway.  There are more options for your Child Sims and several lovely boots here at TSR to choose from.  Boots range from practical to just plain pretty.

Boots for Teens

Need some funky or unique styles for your Teen or Young Adult Sims?  or maybe you have an Elder Sim that is a little edgy?  Well look no further you are in luck, we have plenty of boots for any Sim ages Teen and up!  TSR has LOTS of different shoes created by a range of different artists.  The three that come to mind for this category of boots are Jius, MJ95, and ShakeProductions.  These three creators place a ton of detail into their shoes and have quite a wide variety between the three in the area of boots for fall.

Boots for Adults & Elders

If you are looking for good old classic practical fall boots DarkNightT & Nords have you covered!  DanSimFantasy also has the Boots Gneiss that come in both male and female sizes that are your classic work and fall boot.  These boots also come in that classic wheat if you want the full traditional fall look.

Putting it All Together

Fall Fashion is all about being cozy and warm while still being able to go outside.  This is why sweaters and boots are invaluable when it comes to your Sims’ Fall Fashion.

Item not already linked – Mh-75’s Serena Top

We hope that you have been introduced to some new artists with all these amazing downloads. Every bit of CC seen in these images is all found here at TSR.  So get your clicking finger ready and get to downloading all the great Fall Fashion here at TSR!

All of the solid color CAS (Create A Sim) BGs used are from SonyaSimsCC’s CAS Recolorable Background.

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