Scenarios & Nov. 2nd Patch Notes

Starting a Scenario – Patch Notes

Today’s patch brings brand new “Scenarios” to the game! Scenarios are a new method of gameplay in which you have to meet a set of conditions to achieve an outcome of some kind. If you’re overwhelmed by endless possibilities, these scenarios might provide you some much-needed direction!

The first two scenarios are referred to as “challenge” scenarios, as they involve, well, a challenge of some kind.

“Making Money” and “Finding Love After a Breakup” are the first two that we get to play.

Starting a Scenario

From the main menu, there is a “New Scenario” button. This will show you and available scenario. Scenarios will be added over time. This can include new challenges in existing scenarios, and variations of existing scenarios.

A scenario might be be seasonal, or only out for a limited time. If one catches your eye, make sure you try it out before it’s gone! Once a scenario has been started, even if limited/seasonal, you will retain access to it until an outcome has been achieved. 

Once you have selected the scenario you want, you’ll can either start a new save, or choose an existing save file to use. At launch, you can only create a new household to start a scenario. In a later update, the ability to load an existing household will be added.

A scenario might have household requirements, so make sure to fulfill those while in CAS!

Once you have your household, you can choose a lot to move into.

Note that “Making Money” sets family funds to “0” upon starting. If you move into an empty or unfurnished lot, you’re going to be in for quite a struggle at first!

Every scenario has multiple outcomes – although some of them are secret and won’t be listed!

Patch Notes and Bug Fixes

In today’s patch, the way has been paved for Sims Delivery Express. Sims Delivery Express, or SDX, is a new way for The Sims team to send out smaller updates. Some smaller fixes might not require a patch, or they may add in a couple pieces of content.

If you are a console player, you will have to have your console account linked to your EA account in order to make use of SDX.

Bug fixes, from the Patch Notes:

The Sims 4

We fixed an issue that made Toddlers walk with animations that were not quite fitting for a Toddler. I don’t know about you all, but if my Toddler in game looked like they had a lot of coffee, I would be concerned – and this is coming from the caffeine queen herself. Luckily we were able to solve this issue and they should walk properly now.

Noticed the Bonsai Tree was a little… text averse? We did too – we made sure the Bonsai was properly potted and trimmed which solved its text attachment issues, so now its text should be displayed properly in Build Mode.

Speaking about text averse, some of the variants for the Mega Stacked Stone wall texture have been fixed in Build Mode as well to display proper text.

Spa Day

Over the years, Yoga practices have incorporated a number of equipment choices such as super comfy and hypoallergenic mats, yoga socks, sweat-proof technology clothing and towels, you name it… but what is never OK is practicing Yoga with shoes on. Sims should no longer be practicing Yoga with shoes on, as if.

Industrial Loft

The “I Took a Welding Class Once” Double Bed has been adjusted to show Stress and Comfort values as well as a reduced price. I mean, I took a welding class once, but I’m not quite in luxury status yet.

Having Trouble?

As always, if you experience any bugs with your game after the update:

– Remove any mods that you have in your game. Actual mods, not just Custom Content. Anything that alters gameplay, or the game interface are likely candidates to cause problems. So far, we are not aware of any issues with regular Build/Buy Custom Content.

– If you do have gameplay mods that are causing issues, they will most likely need to be updated by the original creator. Please be patient! Many creators and modders have real-life commitments, like jobs, school, and families to take care of.

– If you notice any issues with specific content that is posted on The Sims Resource, there is a “Report” button on every item. You can use this to explain the issue you are having so they know that something appears to be wrong with that item.

– If you are having general issues with your game, check out EA’s Answers HQ board. You can check on issues that others are reporting, or report a new problem.

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