Leaked: “Blooming Rooms” Kit

It’s been reported by Twitter user @ALumia_Italia that they’ve spotted the next kit! Leaked on the Microsoft store (again), “Blooming Rooms” is supposedly the title of this upcoming kit, to cultivate those sanctuary vibes!

Season Of Selves Release Roadmap

Cultivate your modern sanctuary with a fresh new build kit.

Sanctuary Vibes

Look at all those chickens! Oh, I mean plants. We already have chickens.

You can never have too many plants! (In my opinion, at least.) I’m really loving the different styles and textures. We really do need more of these beautiful hanging plants!

The picture is a lot to take in, but I’m hoping we have some nice low-key styles and variations included. I always find that so many plants that I want to use are in very heavily styled pots and planters that just don’t match my builds.

@ALumia_Italia says the release date is listed to be on November 9th. If that’s true, we can expect that EA should be releasing an official announcement any time now!

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