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Room Reno #25: Spooky Open Concept

Welcome back to Room Reno #25 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a witch and a vampire who are looking for a fresh new living and dining area. Let’s meet them!

Meet Stella and Anastasia!

Stella and Anastasia are a couple living in Midnight Hollow in a house that belonged to Anastasia’s ancestors. While the old house certainly has its charms and more than enough space for Stella to work on her spellcasting, their living room has moved into the not-so-charming side of outdated. They both want a room that speaks to their mutual love of Halloween as well as having enough space for their annual Halloween bash, which they throw for all their family and friends. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

Stella and Anastasia’s living room is…old. There’s really no other way to put it. While there’s nothing wrong with a more antique style of decor, this room doesn’t uniformly use antique furniture, which gives an overall uneven and slightly strange look. The white and black color scheme could be minimalist and stunning, but I think there’s a lack of balance between the two–the white is overpowering the black in most of the furniture pieces. Let’s get into planning!

The Planning

The first thought I had when looking at the space is that I wanted to swap where the living and dining areas were. While this puts the dining area slightly farther away from the kitchen, it puts the living area around the fireplace, which feels like a more natural centerpiece. I also darkened the floor in the room at this step to see how it felt, and decided that I liked it–but I wanted it even darker. Since this space is so big, darker colors can be used without making the room feel tiny. Let’s get building!

The After

This room turned out spooky but tasteful, which was the exact balance I was going for! I love the black tufted couch contrasted with the orange bench, as well as the orange and purple dining chairs–I adore using seating for pops of color. The many Halloween treats scattered about the room show just how perfect it will be for Stella and Anastasia’s annual bash, and I think the pumpkin shaped cookies are too cute. Curious about the many spooktacular objects in this room? Download them from the table below!

Pumpkin Candle Medium Halloween Dining Chair Creep It Real Candy Bowl FabBooLous Wall Art 6 FabBooLous Wall Art 3 Creep It Real Letters Halloween Chic Wall Mirror Serkj Coffee Table Halloween Pumpkins
Waterglass with Leaf Waterglass (clear) Dual Channel Rug Aurum Plant UnBOOLievable Candles Halloween Chic Plant Pumpkin Cookies Halloween Tablecloth Atlanta Books 2
Halloween Painting Skull and Bones Cookies Pumpkin Soup Bowl Halloween Bench Gold Living Chair Cauldron Pumpkin Soup Bowl Lid Aurum Candles Dekra Halloween Rug
Argentum Sofa Halloween Glass Arcane Illusions Teacup Halloween Dining Table Halloween Dining Plates Skele-fun Succulents Dekra Halloween Cage Halloween Soup Hylidae Umbrella Holder
Halloween Juice Glass Halloween Candle V3 Tenebrous Small Pot Halloween Bread Plate Halloween Small Bowl Autumn Pumpkin Spider Cupcake Halloween Sideboard

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #25: Spooky Open Concept! Be sure to follow me on my official TSR twitter for sneak peeks and more Sims content. If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #24 or our guide to designing exteriors in game.  Looking for something else? Read the lore behind Bonehilda or our spooky Arcane Atrium build from Room Reno #20!

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