How to Become a Master Vampire Sim

So you want your Sim to become a Master Vampire? Well, you have come to the right place! I have done the research and testing to provide you with the five best tips I have found for your Sims to become Master Vampires!

Vampires in Sims 4

Vampires have been in the Sims game for a bit as they came into the Sims 4 game in the Vampires pack in 2017.  With this pack there was a new world or neighborhood, however you wish to call them; Forgotten Hollow.  You also have two new households (that happen to be vampires); Vladislaus Straud in the Straud household and Caleb and Lilith Vatore in the Vatore Household.

Vampire Sim

Becoming a Vampire

There are a couple ways to play a vampire in the Sims 4.  First, you can just make one, or you can have another vampire turn your Sim by “Ask to Turn.” Of course, you can also just cheat…  I strangely have never done the “Ask to Turn” method until recently for this article.  I generally make my vampires via CAS (Create a Sim).  Keep in mind if you do the “Ask to Turn” method it is not an instant poof your Sim is a vampire.  There is a full transformation process.

Vampire Powers

Vampire Sim

We all know Vlad and his creepy self popping in and out of your Sim’s houses at night, abusing those vampire powers to be a total creeper.  There is so much more to vampire powers in the game than being creepy like Vlad.

Within the game, there is a Vampire rank system that goes from Rank 1 to Rank 5.

1 – Vampire Fledgling

2 – Minor Vampire

3 – Prime Vampire

4 – Master Vampire

5 – Grand Master Vampire

As you research vampiric lore, fight other vampires, and use vampire power you will gain ranks and new powers.  Maybe one day you will be able to see the sun again?

The Tips

Vampire Sim

  1. Pay attention to your energy levels – Using powers and spending time in the sun uses up energy.  Make sure you use dark mediation or sleep to regain this energy.
  2. Drink – Whether you plan to drink from fruit or Sims make sure your vampire is not too thirsty. If a vampire gets too thirsty it can get ugly… like your vampire attacking the nearest Sim for a snack.
  3. Practice & Study – The way to become more powerful is to practice, practice, and practice.  You can also have Vampire Sims read all about Vampire Lore to gain power and level as a Vampire.
  4. Find a Mentor – Finding a more experienced Vampire always helps.  Your ingame options if you are making your first Vampire are Vlad, Lilith, and Caleb. Vlad is the most experienced… but he is well Vlad.
  5. CHEAT CODES… I am not joking, you can absolutely cheat your way to having Master Vampires.  For some players using cheat codes is not the way.  However, for others… it is the only way. Which if you are looking you can find our large list of cheat codes here.

Common Vampire Struggles

Vampire Sim Powers

As Vampire Sims level they must take on weaknesses.  This is very much like the quirks in Get Famous. If you do not spend points on weaknesses you will not be able to progress through levels. Of course, aside from weaknesses, there are also some other common pitfalls of a Vampire Sim.


Sunlight is an obvious problem, but some vampires can spend points in Sun Resistance, allowing them to go be in the light once again. However, if a Vampire has a Thin-Skinned weakness this makes the sun a lot more harmful and more probable for the Vampire to bake in the Sun.  Yes, Vampires can die from sunlight.


So Vampires have to feed and they can either feed on other Sims or plasma fruit.  Some Vampires are also Guilty Drinkers which gives them a debuff for drinking unwilling Sims. There is also a Sloppy Drinker weakness that gives less satisfaction in the feeding process.  Vampires level up by feeding and will go into a frenzy if not fed. Vampires can also get the Withered Stomach weakness which makes them physically ill if they eat any regular food, aside from bar juice.  Insatiable Thirst is also an interesting weakness as it makes Vampire Sims have to feed much more frequently.

Interactions with others

Well… nothing ruins a romantic date with a regular Sim like some Uncontrollable Hissing, which is a weakness Vampires can get that makes interactions a bit more… interesting. Not to mention the Undead Aura weakness, this makes Sims nearby uncomfortable.  And no one wants a party pooper with Eternal Sadness, these Vampires get sad very easily.


Do all Vampires sleep in a coffin? Well, that is for you to decide, but some of them have the Fitful Sleep weakness which makes it very hard for vampires to get a good day of rest. There is also the Sleep of the Undead weakness that only allows Vampires to sleep inside a coffin.


Vampire Sim

Playing Vampire Sims can defiantly add to your gameplay.  They are so much fun, I normally play with Lilith and Caleb if I want to play with Vampires.  I find their Good Vampire routine most rewarding in comparison to Vlad doing his creepy Vlad things.

When playing Vampires keep in mind a lot of the gameplay and leveling structure is about balance, they have to have weaknesses so they are not all-powerful.  There are of course some weaknesses that have a minimal impact like Sleep of the Undead.

The way the powers work and level up with the addition of weaknesses is a lot like other occult and celebrity levels.  So if you play those other Sims who are occult or celebrities Vampires make a lot of sense and are relatively easy to play.

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