Sims 411 – Scenarios & Sims Delivery Express

The Sims 4 introduces Scenarios, and a new targeted update method! Welcome to another edition of Sims 411! This livestream from Maxis brings news on what’s going on in the world of Sims, both in the community and inside the studios!

If you missed the stream, check it out on The Sims Twitch channel!

One Special Game

“One Special Game” is a contest hosted by SpecialEffect, a charity that works to bring accessibility to the world of video games for those with physical disabilities. You can read more about the wonderful work that SpecialEffect does on here on their website.

The One Special Game contest welcomed fan-art entries based on themes of three games: Fall Guys, The Sims, and Broken Sword.  The winner for The Sims category is Tazreen Tasnim:

A copy of the artwork can be purchased here, with all proceeds going to support the amazing work of SpecialEffect.

The community has been passionately petitioning EA/Maxis to add mobility needs into the game, and they have acknowledged that they know that it’s something players want. Please note that this is not a confirmation or guarantee that such content will actually make it into the game, but it is something that they are aware of.

Maxis says that current considerations are about how to implement gender-neutral pronouns. Again, do not take this as a confirmation or guarantee that it will be put into the game. Maxis has previously mentioned the difficulties associated with translations into other grammatically-gendered languages.

Sims Delivery Express

Coming to a Sims game near you, the Sims Delivery Express is sort of a minimalistic take on the patch system. Content sent to the game through the Sims Delivery System (SDX) will be small, targeted updates. This may include adding new game content – usually only one or two items – or it may also include small bug fixes.

If you are a console player, note that you’ll need to have your console linked to your EA account in order for to receive these small SDX updates.

If you skip an SDX update, that content will be automatically included in with your next game patch instead.


Scenarios are the newest addition to gameplay! These scenarios give you a set of conditions within which you play the game to complete an objective. If you find the unlimited possibilities of a sandbox game to be too overwhelming, this will be perfect!

There are going to be two scenarios at launch:

– Making Money: Earn One Million Simoleons
– Finding Love After A Breakup

Maxis will be adding two more scenarios added in a future update. The first of these new challenges is called “Too Many Toddlers,” and the other “Perfectly Well Rounded.”

(Money was the only one that Maxis covered in this stream. They did not provide any details about the other three yet.)

Upon selecting a scenario, you’ll get the details about it, any requirements it has, and what potential outcomes are.

At launch, they’ve said that only the option to start a scenario from a new save will be possible. Maxis will be adding the ability to start from an existing save at a later time.

Base Game Content

Meanwhile, ongoing pack-to-base game transitions are still occuring. While not frequent enough to undermine the concept of paid DLC, some content is going to continue being moved from packs into the base game. This helps increase representation and allows all simmers to work towards truly being able to create themselves!

Need help?

Maxis did not cover any bug fixes in this stream. As always, if you are experiencing issues with your game, check out EA’s Answers HQ. Answers HQ is the place where you can check on existing issues and report new problems that you are experiencing.

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