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CC Highlights – Spooky CC

Wow, the October CC here at The Sims Resource was absolutely incredible! There was a lot of really neat Spooky CC! This past month there has been a lot of Halloween and spooky-related CC released.  Sure the spooky holiday for most was over on the 31st of October, but for some of us, the spooky and goth aesthetic is life.

Spooky CC

Twice a month I will be highlighting and recapping CC that has recently been released on The Sims Resource. Of course, there is a lot of CC uploaded daily, so there is no way I can highlight it all.  I am going to make sure to group the CC in a theme or specific type of CC like Spooky CC or Build items for example.

Spooky CC

Spooky CC

For those of us who love the spooky, dark, or gothic aesthetic we literally wait for the month of October every year. As this in October the amount of this type of CC keeps us chugging all year long! Sure there are pieces here and there throughout the year, but October… specifically this week has been very very good. If this is not your all-year-round jam you can still use the Spooky CC as material for your Vampires or Forgotten Hollow Residents.


Spooky CC outfits cannot be completed without some makeup to match.  In my experience, a lot of times the makeup makes the costume.  For example, the Face Paint Z17 by Zenx (middle image) is a full-face paint that really completes any storm queen look.

Spooky Makeup Spooky CC Makeup

Spooky Season Cute

Nothing says spooky season like some adorable spooky CC.  Using the CC from The Sims Resource your Sims can live a spooky life all year long!  There are so many options of cute decor, amazing clothes, and even things for your pets!


If you have the Vampires Pack or Supernatural pack you need spooky and haunted lots all year round to keep that Forgotten Hollow aesthetic. Fortunately, The Sims Resource has loads of spooky lots for your Sims.  There are graveyards, vampire clubs, parks, and cemeteries!


It’s not Halloween or spooky season without some costume CC! The great thing about costume CC is that it is not just for Halloween. You can make characters inspired by your favorite characters or celebrities and then transform your gameplay!  Just take a look at the Agnes hair from DarkNighTt! That is right that is inspired from Despicable Me!


Accessories are super important! Again, for those of us who live the spooky style life, dark, spider, and coffin accessories go hand and hand with our Sims’ dark-colored makeup.  And again you can always use the spooky accessories for your Vampire and Goth-styled Sims.

Don’t be sad October is over! You can download Spooky CC from The Sims Resource all year round for your Sims!

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