Roasting My Old Sims Builds

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! Today we’ll be roasting all of my old Sims builds dating all the way back to 2014.

Wait. Did I just say we?

I did! Joining me today for her first ever blog is my irl bestie (and TSR social media staffer), Tea! Let’s get into the build review roast ;).

Build #1

Let’s get into the roasting of the Sims builds! So, this house is the very first house I built after The Sims 4 came out, way back in 2014. The color schemes? The room layouts? The giant blank walls? Really a good look for a Sims house. One of the most confusing aspects of this build is the fact that it’s not on any kind of foundation, despite having a front porch…which doesn’t make any sense. 2014 Paige was really new to building and interior design, and it shows. – Paige

I don’t know a lot about Sims houses but I can see that there is a LOT going on here. The mint green and bright red room is pretty insane looking in particular and makes me wonder what Paige was thinking more than anything. The tiny living room makes me think of our old apartment, which was about 1/16 the size of this massive house and yet had a living room of the same size and layout. Maybe a smaller home would be better? – Tea

Build #2

This build was…an “out-there” concept, for sure. The actual interior is nice, and I’m sure I intended to finish the exterior eventually, but I seriously couldn’t tell you why I put a moat covering the entire yard. I’m not sure what purpose that would have served for any of the sims living there other than being a fun pool experience in the summer. Other than that…it’s a little weird. I also don’t see a ladder anywhere, so that’s also odd. At least the inside is cute? – Paige

I agree that the water choice was an odd one, but I want to talk about the bedrooms! They’re all cute and color coordinated. The kitchen layout and cabinets are also really nice, as well as the living room. I like the idea of the greenhouse being connected to the main house, but I think maybe it would be more effective if it was smaller? Or maybe if it wasn’t connected at all and was part of the yard. I guess they would have to swim to it, though, with the whole yard being water…maybe get rid of the water. – Tea

Build #3

Okay, this is by far the best of these builds and probably shows the best how far I came in just a few years of building. This house is small, but functional. It has three bedrooms, two full baths, and a deck to the side of the house. It really lives up to the idea I had in my head of a “good build”, and I’m proud of the untraditional shape of the house too. I know this blog is meant to be a roast but I think it’s actually a display of how much my builds improved over time in The Sims 4. – Paige

I really like this build, and I promise Paige didn’t make me say that. The kitchen tile is a small detail, but I think it’s adorable and ties the whole room together. The layout of the house makes use of every inch of space while not making it feel too cramped which is a hard balance to strike. I also love the backyard with the planter boxes and swingset, making use of the outdoor space–I think Paige is really good at building yards in general, since the patio area in her first build was also pretty good. 10/10 would live in this build!
– Tea

Thank you for reading today’s blog about roasting my old Sims builds! If you want to see some builds that won’t make you want to cry, check out Room Reno #9: Retro Kawaii or tours of TSR Beach Lots! Interested in CAS? Check out Disney inspired CC or CC from The House Episode 4! See you later 😀

Patch Notes: June 29th, 2021

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