Cottage Living Trailer!

The Cottage Living trailer has dropped! Let’s take a look and see what this pack has in store for us!

Henford On Bagley

Welcome to Henford On Bagley, also known as “The H.O.B” – it’s the perfect mix of living in a cottage in the woods, but with all of the delights of having a modern village closeby! Let’s not forget about the “tolerable” level of activity!

Looking for the quiet life? Well, this is right up your alley! Leave the rush of San Myshuno behind, adopt a chicken, plant a cabbage – the possibilities are endless!

(Unless the possibilities you’re looking for are cars or horses… in which case, the possibilities have ended.)

Crops in a field

Farming! That’s almost an actual field and not in a box!

With all of the wonderful new crops also comes an interesting “Lot Challenge” called “Simple Living,” in which it seems you are now required to grow and harvest all of your own food.

Lot Challenges Panel

Llamas, cows, chickens, foxes, oh my!

If plants aren’t quite your thing – or you’re the type who can kill a fake plant – actually, well, animals probably aren’t the best choice for you, either.

The Reaper and a llama

Introducing: The Animal Shed! If you’re not up for some llama drama, perhaps you’d like to relish in the glow of bovine divinity?

If llamas and cows are a bit too much for you handle, you can scale it back a bit with chickens! The chicken coop can house up to 8 of our feathered friends. With the phrase “per coop,” it sounds like we will be able to have more than one!

(If you’re brave enough to attempt more than one, that is.)

Should you be in the mood for a little drama – or crime – keep an eye out for those sly foxes!

A fox wearing a robber's mask

Other Activites

Perhaps you’re not one for the outdoor life? Fear not, you can spend your days quietly cross-stitching by the fire. (With 34 different designs!) If you have a llama, it looks like you can even sheer some wool to make thread! (However, I wonder if this also applies to knitting?)

Not the crafty type? Worry not! With all of these new plants you’re growing (or buying in the village, let’s be real…) there are a ton of new recipes for you to try your hand at!

And let’s not forget in the upcoming patch that ties in to all of this, we’re getting some family-time group cooking! What’s better than getting the whole family together for a meal – and a fresh one at that!

Let’s not forget about canning! Put all of those fresh fruits and veggies to good use and you can make all kinds of preserves!

What are you looking forward to the most in this pack? I’m quite interested in the Simple Living lot challenge. I think that having that sort-of “required” gameplay aspect will help make very good use of the new pack. (It’ll also probably spawn some very interesting community challenges!)

The Sims 4™ Cottage Living expansion pack will be available on July 22nd, 2021!

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