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Room Reno #10: BBQ Ready Backyard

Welcome back to Room Reno #10 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a family who wants to turn their sparse yard into a barbecue and relaxation zone. Let’s meet them!

Meet the LeBlancs!

Meet the LeBlancs! Tess and her husband Jack have twin children, Zoey and Max. They recently bought a house in Newcrest, and while the interior is everything they dreamed…the backyard is pretty boring. Just a wide open space with some grass. The kids want space to play and swim, while Tess and Jack want areas for entertaining and grilling. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

Here’s the yard! Decently sized and wider than it is long, the space definitely has a lot of potential. Fencing in the yard is probably going to be one of the first moves I make, just helping to separate the space from the surrounding neighborhood a bit and to give some privacy to the family. I also want to ensure that the views from the interior of the house are nice so that the family can look out and think…why aren’t we out there right now?! Let’s get into the planning!

The Planning

When planning out the yard, I tried to take each family member’s needs into account. Jack wanted an area for grilling (and chilling), so I designated the top right area of the yard for that. Tess wanted an entertaining space, so I portioned off the top left space for that. Zoey and Max both wanted a nice big pool to swim in, so I put that right in the center of the yard. Max also requested a fire pit space for roasting marshmallows, so I made sure to leave space for that as well. Let’s get into building!

The After

Here’s the final product (with some before and after shots!). I’m really happy with how the LeBlanc’s backyard turned out. I made sure to give Jack his grill area along with some planter boxes for Tessa and a swing set for the kids on the right side of the yard. One of my favorite areas is the fire pit surrounded by string lights, which becomes absolutely magical at nighttime. I also adore Tess’ sitting area, especially the hanging wicker chair, which seems incredibly comfy!

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Thanks for checking out Room Reno #10: Barbeque Ready Backyard! If you liked it, be sure to check out our CC guide to The House Episode 4 or Room Reno #9. Looking for something else? Read about the June 29th Patch Notes or Roasting My Old Sims Builds.

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