Patch Notes: June 29th, 2021

Check out today’s Patch Notes, and head in-game to experience the new Sim Sessions, on-going until July 7th!

With Pride month coming to an end, the live stream today is all about celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community that The Sims franchise has brought together! If you’ve missed the stream, head on over The Sims Twitch page and catch up with SimGuruBat and SimGuruDuck who chat with several wonderful content creators about the diversity, inclusion, and representation that has helped so many Simmers in the community explore and express themselves.

New Art

In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, today’s update also brings a new piece of beautiful artwork to the game, created by Jupiter (@MidnightFox452) that is now available in game:

There are two more inspiring pieces of artwork on the way in the next patch, as well!

Sim Sessions

Today is the launch of Sim Sessions! This is an in-game music festival event where your sims can hangout and experience some fun new music! The event is happening in-game through July 7th, occurring every Sunday (in-game Sunday, that is) starting at 10:30AM when your sim will get a notification about the ticket in their inventory. A little bit later between 12-12:30PM, your sims will get a phone call inviting them out to the festival.

The festival is happening at Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek – you can manually have your sims travel here at any time as well, but note that the festival is only happening during specific hours.

You can read more about the Sim Sessions over here: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/sims-sessions

Bug Fixes

It’s Patch Day™ again! Today’s Patch Notes include:

Sims 4

– Our master gardeners treated a few of our plants so they no longer reset to a previous growth stage randomly. If only life worked that way…

– We fixed an issue where selected Create a Sim outfit parts on Sims were not showing up appropriately highlighted on the right side menu.

– Teens generated with the Play with Genetics options in Create a Sim will no longer have Crow’s feet.

– We have fixed an issue where Sims could not use stairs when Simmers deleted the floor of a fence block that was built around the stairs in the upper landing. It sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it?

– Some of our new hair colors (Neutral Black, Warm Brown, Neutral Blonde, and Light Blonde specially) were creating some issues in some Create a Sim hairstyles when applied, making Sims’ teeth disappear (?????) or turn grey in some cases.

– Your Sims just LOVED their new hair colors, but noticed it also changed their eyelids and eyebrows instantly? I mean instant eyeliner is something I truly desire but we know that we needed to fix this one everyone, so indeed your Sims can no longer get automatic eyeliner and eyebrow colors from choosing a hair color.

– Fixed an issue where when Sims learned about the Likes and Dislikes of other Sims their Sim Profile became blank. I mean, unless they like or dislike nothing, that is… troubling.

Get Together

– Invited NPC will now leave… eventually. You know that saying that some visitors start smelling like rotten fish after a certain amount of time? We had to tell the NPCs that well, they were a problem so now they should be leaving appropriately.

Snowy Escape

– I see a little silhouetto of a Sim, Skiing next to me – Omg, Omg, this is not a ghost tho? All the snow activities were really frightening me! All fixed now? Fixed now? MAGNIFICO OOOO.

– If you had noticed invisible Sims doing snow activities in your game because they switched boots on the slopes… worry not, it should be fixed.

Bust the Dust

– Sims with the Slob Trait can now complete the Fabulously Filthy Aspiration goal of Letting at least one floor level of your home become dirty! #goals?

(Patch Notes post on the Official Forums can be found here.)

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