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Mod Spotlight Part 2

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! Today, we’re checking out some of our favorite mods for the Sims 4 that help to expand and improve your gameplay in a mod spotlight. Let’s get started!

Muttropolitan Dog Set and We Just Click Photo Collage Set by Ravasheen

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Ravasheen is a modder you can find right here at TSR and I knew I had to add their mods to this edition of Mod Spotlight. The first mod to be spotlighted is the Muttropolitan Dog Set! Not only does this set come with 12 items ranging from agility training pieces to fancy doggie archways, the star object is the dog bath made specifically for helping wash your Sims’ pooches! An adorable food and water bowl that depletes as your pups eat and drink completes the set–watching the bowls go down in real time is probably my favorite part of the whole thing!

The second Ravasheen mod I’m spotlighting today is the We Just Click Photo Collage set! These frames can all be arranged however you like, but the coolest part is that you can place your Sims’ photos into each of them–they’re totally customizable! Photos automatically snap to the frames and will stay with the frames when moved around, making placing them in any way you want a breeze. This is a perfect mod for legacy challenges–each heir can have their own picture on the wall! You can find Ravasheen on TSR, their website, or Patreon.

Custom Harvestables and Recipes by IceMunMun

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Modder icemunmun has created a huge variety of mods that help customize your game, and I knew that they had to go in this mod spotlight! They’ve made over 60 custom harvestables–that means new plants for you to grow and harvest in-game! From peaches to cocoa to sweet potatoes, your green-thumbed Sims will be overjoyed with just how many new crops they can grow and tend over time. My favorite harvestables is probably the growable Christmas tree–it’s an adorable idea and brings a new level of festivity to Winterfest!

On top of the custom harvestables, icemunmun has also made over 150 custom food and drink recipes for your Sims to use! From grilled tofu to gingerbread houses to rainbow bagels, your culinary Sims will have hugely expanded horizons. Just remember to install the Custom Food Interaction mod so that your Sims can create their fancy new dishes with the full animations. You can find icemunmun on their website or on Patreon.

Toddler Creativity Bundle and Kids’ Trampoline by Pandasama

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One of Pandasama’s latest mods is the Toddler Creativity Pack! This set comes with four new toys for your toddlers, all with custom animations to go with them. One of my favorite objects is the new coloring paper and crayons–I just love watching the toddlers lay on their bellies and color their little hearts out, it’s too cute! I also adore the toy xylophone, which looks just like the one I used to have as a kid. I’m definitely putting this set in all my households with toddlers ASAP.

Another great Pandasama mod is the Kids’ Trampoline. This object is not only adorable, it’s completely functional! It brings me a lot of memories of my own childhood trampolines, which were a ton of fun. Just like an irl trampoline, pandasama’s will fill their fun need and also help improve their motor skill! Plus there are two different versions of the trampoline–with a mesh net, and without! I can’t wait to place this item in all my households with kids. You can find Pandasama on TSR or on Patreon.

Trip To Egypt and Romance in France Mods by NANDO

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NANDO is known for some amazing mods that completely change existing Sims worlds, and the mods I’m spotlighting today are no exception. The Trip to Egypt mod transforms Strangerville into the modern Egyptian city of Dakarai. This means the entire world is completely new and features new build objects (some of which were created by Ravasheen!), a new map, and even a new soundtrack for the world!

The Romance in France mod takes the Trip to Egypt Mod and makes it all about…well, France! The mod turns Magnolia Promenade into Paris, complete with an Eiffel Tower that actually lights up. There’s a marketplace for street food and stores to shop in, so your Sims will have plenty to do, or they can just enjoy the ambience of the beautiful city around them. You can find NANDO on Patreon.

Thank you for checking out today’s mod spotlight! Be sure to follow each modder’s instructions for installation! We love the Sims community and how vibrant and creative the modders are so we wanted to take another moment to spotlight all their hard work. If you liked this blog, be sure to check out Room Reno: Art Deco Dining Room as well as our guide to using Sims 4 custom content. Happy Simming!

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