SimTogether! Inside Maxis: August 3rd, 2021

If you missed the livestream, head on over to The Sims on Twitch to check it out!


SimTogether is a new lore/storytelling aspect being initiated by this month by Ash and SimGuruGeorge. They’ve split creating sims (SimGuruGeorge) and a cute little cottage (Ash) and have them on “Team Cow” and “Team Chicken” – as a family that we will be watching grow and thrive!

Ava Ian is Team Chicken, and lives with her brother, Bo Fine – who, naturally, loves everything cow. Bo’s daughter, Lily Amma, is caught in the middle of the chaos. Will she fall into the ranks of Team Chicken, or Team Cow? Or maybe there’s a third option?

The lot and sim will be shared on the Gallery, and then every day this week they will be playing the family and creating their story as a group amongst several different influencers/Gurus, while the they pass the story along! Eventually, the goal will be to get that save file posted for all players to download and continue playing the story on their own.

Sims 411

Base Game Difficulty

Many players are saying that they want more challenge and depth in Base Game. As such, there will be a forum thread created on the Official Forums on August 19th for user suggestions and feedback. More details and a link to the thread will be provided a little bit closer to then.

Werewolves, Faeries, Zombies, oh my!

Will they be added to the game? “Maybe?” There is no confirmed timeframe or date for when they will be added, as Ash states “…we would want to put as much love and thoughtfulness into them as we did with vampires and for spellcasters…” but “for now our roadmap continues to be focused on improving content that’s in the game.”

Zombies in The Sims 3

Flashback! Zombies and Faeries from The Sims 3

Game Pack Refresh

A “relaxing” refresh of an existing game pack is coming up soon, but no further details were provided on that. I assume this is going to Spa Day – but who knows!

Swimmable Oceans?

Swimmable areas will be added to future worlds “when possible” – more information will be shared about that at a later time.

“Why are Skintones getting lighter over the course of The Sims games?”

All of our beloved Townies are getting updated – including visually, as well as their lore and backstories. This is a BIG project, reaching all of the way back to Willow Creek!



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