Laundry List for March 2021 – Top Issues

The Laundry List for March 2021 has arrived!

During the recent livestream for The Sims 21st Birthday Community Content, SimGuruDoi revealed that The Sims team has intentions to keep a public “Laundry List” of sorts to keep everyone up to date on what issues they are aware of and are working to fix.

We are always working behind the scenes to make sure that the game is as good as it can be, but things happen, sometimes issues crop up in the game, and to give you the scoop on what we’re working on, we’ll start publishing our Laundry List, where we share the top player recorded concerns we’re currently investigating and hope to have resolved in the upcoming patch. – SimGuruDoi

Whether stemming from EA, Maxis, or The Sims team, some might dare to say that their verbosity is a bit… lacking. The idea of this “Laundry List” aims to increase transparency to help alleviate this phenomenon.

The first such Laundry List for March 2021 has been published, and you can head over to EA’s website to see the original post.

“Welcome to the first publication of the Laundry List where we’ll share a list of the top community concerns that we’re currently investigating and hope to have resolved in the upcoming patch.” 

Some are doubting the authenticity of “top community concerns” when compared to previous topics of similar standing. For instance, the “top” questions about kits seemed to be awfully close to crossing the line into a generic PR-style FAQ.

The List!

At any rate, here is the current list of the issues that are being investigated in this first Laundry List. (Each one linking to EA’s Answers HQ post for that issue.)

For what it’s worth, we have seen several of these issues seemingly running rampant around the community, so it’s good to see that they’ve made it onto this list.

“Also note that this is just a list of the “top” concerns. There are more topics that we saw reported by players that are not listed and being worked on.”

Missing Kits are… missing…

On a related note, there has been another rather large issue reported around the community in that their newly purchased Kits are nowhere to be found. (We assume they may simply be obscured by the copious amounts of dust that are accumulating. We also suspect that Cyclonesue is somehow involved in said amounts of dust…) 

“The team is still investigating Throwback Fit.  We think Bust the Dust and Country Kitchen should be fixed now though.”

For those having issues with missing kits, there is a thread over here at Answers HQ. Community Manager Lanna has suggested you reach out to EA Support:

For Simmers running into issues with the Throwback kit showing as unowned, please get in touch with our support team so they can take a look into that for you and see if it’s possible to assist you with this. You can reach them through the:
  • EA Help website – Phone/Chat/Email – Availability may vary
  • Twitter – Select the message icon to get assistance
  • Facebook – You can select the ‘send message’ option on the accounts home page


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