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The House – Perfect Spring Break Lot

The House is getting geared up for Spring Break! But where should they go?  There are so many great Spring Break Lots here at TSR! So many to pick from and we are running out of time!

Of course, with all the personalities of eight different Sims, everyone wants something different…

So where do we start?  Eight Sims all wanting something different?  Well, the boss is the boss so naturally, Jayden gets the final say, and The House Sims did agree on a few fundamental needs.

The Must-Have List

A place to relax.

A great location for adventure and fun.

Plenty of inside activities.

Even more outside activities.

A Bubble Blower & a hot tub.

Access to long walks on the beach.

Delicious food and comfortable seating.

Access to local hangouts. (bars)

and finally a pool with a view.

That is a long list of must-have amenities and with the size of the house, where are they all going to sleep? Well, they did not think that through quite all the way…

The Decision

The House found the lovely Blue Lagoon by Danuta720.  The House fell in love with this beauty and its spacious common areas and bathrooms. This lot features everything on their must list and more.  The beautifully decorated rooms offer plenty of room for Sims to move around quite easily.

At the Blue Lagoon, there are plenty of activities; a bubble blower, ping pong table, television,  swimming, sunbathing, eating, and more.  The lot also rests right on the ocean in Sulani so the location is absolutely perfect and quite breathtaking!

The only downside to this lot was that The House did not account for their needed bed count and well, Jayden does not share her bed.  So out of the six sleeping locations, only five can be used.  Looks like Devon, Vin, and Sunny are sleeping on the couches! Which on a larger group vacation is somewhat normal.

Looking for that perfect beach vacation location for Spring Break?  Well, the Blue Lagoon might just be the lot for you, check out The House’s reviews.

The Reviews

I adore the style and comfort of this lot.  It is also very well designed and decorated.  Just the right amount of plants.  The indoor kitchen is a little cramped and there is no bar, aside from that, perfect. – Jayden

This place has everything we asked for and more!  I loved being right on the water and this lot is super relaxing!  Close to a lot of attractions and places to exercise.  Absolutely beautiful and love the 2nd story pool! Loved every second of this vacation!  So beautiful here! I will tell all, my friends!  – Sunny

Wow!  Staying on the water was so much fun! I have never done that before!  Also super close to a bar and a beach! Totally perfect!  I did fall asleep in the sand, which was not good but the hot tub got all the sand out of my hair, so all good now. – Kendall

      This place was amazing! – Vin

Really pretty.  A little bit too much natural light for my taste.  Comfy, great place to relax, a little crowded for 8 Sims.  But overall a great place to chill – Snow

This lot is full of things to do and close to a volcano! How exciting!  It has a great outside cooking area and is right on the water!  The location is also super close to a bar and the beach! Lots of really nice places to walk around or find some adventure.  Super clean beach as well! I would totally recommend it!  – Carlos

This place is sooooo pretty! I love it! Lots of lovely flowers and it is decorated so nice! – Evelyn

I don’t remember anything, but I did take a lot of really nice photos.  – Vin

This place was so cozy and beautiful!  I made the best salads here and I learned some local cuisine! Great place! The pool and hot tub are so nice! – Devon


It looks like The House all had a great time at the Blue Lagoon and this Spring Break Lot worked well for them!  The amenities and beautiful decorations are definitely a perk to this cozy beach lot!  Jayden and Snow are NEVER satisfied 100% so a four-star from them is like a ten out of five.  I would say this lot is highly recommended and very well built and absolutely gorgeous!

*House Fashion will be an ongoing thing so stay tuned for more of The House Fashion Guides! The first House Fashion guide can be found HERE!

You can also find out more about The House HERE and watch their introduction video HERE.

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