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K-Pop Collection – CAS

Guess what? If you have not heard… The artists here at The Sims Resource have been working on a K-Pop Collection!!! YAS!  You read that right! K-Pop is officially here at The Sims Resource! Not that there was not already K-Pop CC here… but this is an official collection bursting with K-Pop! Who is excited!!! I am!!! If you have no idea what I am talking about… get ready for some really awesome themed CC! So here we gooooo a sneak peek at The Sims Resource K-Pop Collection! (Coming VERY SOON.)

New upcoming hairstyle by -Merci- and Sim by Starafanka

What Is K-Pop?

So some of you might be here like what is K-Pop???  Don’t worry I got you! When someone says K-Pop they are talking about either the music or the trends influenced by Korean pop music artists.  Sometimes these musicians are also called K-Pop Idols, these superstars are generally groups of musicians that perform elaborate concerts or shows with costumes, singing, and dancing.  These performances are also often themed, so the group all matches.  Which is super cool! There is no wonder why these musicians are seen as fashion and style icons all over the world!

(Randomly Generated Sim) Upcoming CC by Suzue, Coffeemoon, and Cosimetic

When we look at fashion in K-Pop there are a lot of different fashion themes.  These fashions can range from all black colors, futuristic or bright colors… and really almost anything! In general K-Pop fashion, it is quite common for male K-Pop performers to wear plunging necklines and open jackets during shows and in music videos. For female K-Pop singers, outfits usually show a good bit of skin and have skirts, high stockings, and boots or heels.

Upcoming outfit by Garfiel

Layering is one of the staple trends of K-Pop fashion.  Accessories and makeup are super important to complete the K-Pop look!  At The Sims Resource is easy to take pieces of what would seem like different outfits and creators and make them all come together for a total K-Pop look. This collection has all sorts of content to make your K-Pop-inspired looks just perfect for your Sims!

Upcoming CC By Beto

The Custom Content

This collection has a wide variety of Create A Sim items; accessories, hairstyles, shoes, makeup, and clothing. There are several artists in this collab… -Merci-, Beto, Coffeemoon, Cosimetic, Ekinege, Garfiel, KaT Purupa, Mermaladesimtr, Minicsims, Mydarling, Suzue, and more…  You read that right MORE!  Get your mouse ready to download ALL this CC and get ready for some AMAZING CONTENT!

Upcoming CC by Mermaladesimtr, Coffeemoon, and Cosimetic

What is really awesome is there are plenty of clothes and… and even child clothing!!! This is perfect because the ten-year-olds I know LOVE LOVE LOVE K-Pop.  My friend’s little girl had me rocking to K-Pop on our last girls’ night… that’s right we went all out, makeup, dressing fancy, dinner, shopping, movie, frozen yogurt, and jamming to K-Pop music!

Upcoming dress by KaTPurpura

If you did not already guess there are already K-Pop Sims for download and for this blog I downloaded several!!! I used some randomly generated Sims for some of the images and then the male Sim for the in-game pictures is one of Starafanka’s BTS-inspired Sims  and the female Sim is YNRTG-S’s Rose Feng.  You can download these full Sims and add them straight into the game along with ALL the CC the artist used to create them!! Such an easy way to get really great K-Pop Sims! Like Seriously how much more perfect can you get!!!

Alright back to the CC! This CC is something! Lots of details in every piece!  Perfect for performances or just making fashion icons!  I love the little details and there are several pieces of clothing that I could totally see an entire group wearing!  Just think of all the amazing photos you can take with ALL this CC! (*whispers Beto has K-Pop-inspired poses perfect for photos!) Sure for you actual game players, you can totally make these Sims into celebrities and with this K-Pop Collection, your Sims will definitely look the part of being K-Pop idols!

upcoming dress by Ekinege & Sim by YNRTG-S

Like just LOOK at this dress by Ekinege!  It is so lovely and has so much detail!! This is just absolutely perfect for performances!  Of course, you know I had to try it!  Definitely, a new favorite item and it comes in tons of different colors… including black (my fave)!  The Sim wearing it looks totally like a K-Pop Singer!  So fashionable and trendy with lots of sparkles, style, and class.

When Does The K-Pop Collection Arrive???

So when does this amazing K-Pop Collection come out???? Well, it is coming soon… like SOON SOON… Tuesday, September 13th!  So get your clicker finger ready and get ready to download this awesome collection! As always you will see ALL this lovely CC on The Sims Resource very soon!!!  Just keep your eyes open on The Sims Resource website, there will be announcements on the site and on social media! This K-Pop Collection will also be listed under collections so it should be easy for you to find!

Upcoming outfit by Mermaladesimtr


I am so excited that this collection is coming out as K-Pop is super popular and I know you all are just going to LOVE it!  There are soooo many great items in this collection and if you are not into K-Pop that is ok, as you can always still download the CC and use it for other themes. There is also a super cute little microphone prop coming out!  I am so excited!!! I actually do enjoy K-Pop, which generally I am a Rock/Metal kinda gal, but the voice qualities in a lot of the super popular K-Pop songs have me like… <3 <3 <3 What can I say I am a sucker for a nice voice. 😉

Keep in mind at the time of this blog artists are still finishing CC… So this is just a preview of what is to come!  If you would like more info on K-Pop Fashion or see what the artists here at The Sims Resource had before this collab check out our K-Pop Fashion Trends blog. 

Upcoming CC By MyDarling.

If you are looking for more fashion blogs check out Leather Aesthetics or Paige’s Back to School Lookbook!  We also have TONS of Lookbook videos on our Youtube Channel that you can find HERE.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi

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