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How to find your Sims 3 dream house

how to find your Sims 3 dream house

With the huge number of Sims 3 houses available in TSR’s downloads database, finding the one with the correct number of bedrooms or bathrooms, the right lot size, a price you can afford etc., sounds like a very time consuming process. But fear not, by entering the most relevant category and using the attribute filters in the search panel, you should be able to save plenty of time and find that Sims 3 dream house.

Find your Sims 3 dream house

how to find Sims 3 dream house

Start by selecting the most relevant category you want to look in. Although all Residential Lots are also listed in the parent category (all Lots), narrowing it to the Residential category will not only exclude Community/Commercial/etc. Lots, but will also enable attribute filter options only relevant for this certain category (more on the filters below).

Note: In addition to the Category tree navigation seen in the image to the left, you can also select category in the bread crumb and sub-category navigation above the list of Lots.

Once you have picked the proper category, in this case the Residential Lots category, you are ready to use the Attribute filters to narrow your search even more. With Lots having so many attributes, there are also a lot of filters you can apply when searching. Besides the more or less self-explanatory attributes, like number of Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Stories, etc., the use of the prices might needs some extra explanation.

Price attributes

There are price attributes for the Lot both as furnished and un-furnished, and you can use either one of them or combine them. Although you can enter a specific price for the House you’re looking for, that doesn’t really make sense. No, the proper usage is to enter a range within you want to search.

price attributes

For example you can enter 22000-24000 to only get Houses costing between 22000 and 24000 simoleans. To make it even more convenient, there are a few predefined ranges you can choose from, for example for Starter Homes.

narrowing the price search

Lot size attributes

Sims 3 dream house lot sizesLot size works the same way as with prices, in that you can enter a specific value or a range. Here it might be more relevant to use a specific value though, to filter out only Lots that are exactly 30×30 in size for example.

Note: You don’t have to apply all attribute filters, you can use as many or few as you want.

Good luck finding your Sims 3 dream house!

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