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Sim Halloween Costumes- Part 1

It is that time of year, to bust out your Sim Halloween Costume! Here at TSR, there are full sets and plenty of CC to mix and match to make your own Sim Halloween Costume.  There is quite a variety of costumes on TSR ranging in simplicity.  For Teen through Elders there are is a lot of CC for making Halloween Costumes so do not get lost.

Zuckerschnute20’s Costume Princess II

Every year I ask my friends’ kids “what are you going to be for Halloween this year?” Sometimes I get answers like a Zombie or Medusa, and then there is one kid that every year wants to be a Princess.  Not just any princess, but a regular princess.  What is a regular princess? Well, that question raised a questioning eyebrow of disgust.  A regular princess is a princess that has long hair and a dress that is not too fancy.

Toddler Costumes

The Ghost

Toddler costumes can be harder to come by than any other age group as there is not as much CC for toddlers than other ages.  Fortunately, Bukovka has made this adorable onesie so that your toddler sims can dress up as little ghosts.  Each of the four swatches has a different ghost expression on it.  Super cute and fun for Halloween time!

The Pumpkin

Yet another wonderful onesie by lillka, the pumpkin to me is a staple Sim Halloween Costume for toddlers.  It is super cute and super easy to slip them into that bright orange onesie and even if you do not have green on the onesie itself you can stick some green socks or a green hat on the toddler and POOF you have a pumpkin!

Children’s Costumes

A Fairy Princess

The great thing about Halloween is that you can be anything, so why not be a Fairy Princess? Suzue has you completely covered with Elf ears for a multitude of ages ranging from toddlers to elders.  That means all of your sims can have fabulous elf ears.  These ears can also double as a fairy or other mythical creature ears. The hairstyle is by Qicc and is called the Summer hair. The little Blossom Fairy dress is by Zuckerschnute20 and comes in only two swatches, but do you really need more than pink and yellow? It is such a cute little dress and absolutely screams fairy princess.

70’s Girl

What something fun try a decade inspired costume like this 70’s girl costume for Sims.  Full of great colors in that tie-dyed outfit complete with default sandals and statement necklace.  The long and free hair is the Ella hair by Qicc.  The outfit itself is by Red Cherry Sims and comes in six swatches.   This outfit would also double as some great hot weather attire.

Teen Costumes

Ice Queen

Need a costume last minute?  Or are you looking for a popular Sim Halloween Costume? Well, the Ice Queen is quite simple and a popular costume in real life.  The lovely themed gown is by Jura Sims, but if you do not have this one any white or light blue gown could work.  The hairstyle is the Opal by Nightcrawler and if you do not have this particular hairstyle just pick a light-colored hairstyle of your choosing.  Add in some light makeup and that is all for this entire costume, it is so simple if is fantastic!

The Greek Warrior

Another great and easy costume for Halloween.  This one is perfect for teens as it is simple but still has that macho warrior feel.  The armor is The Charles Shoulder Armor by Belal1997 and the toga is a full piece by PaogaeThe toga comes as a bottom piece so you can add more layers to the top as I did with the armor, which is a top piece.  Obviously, Devon needs sandals for his costume and they are default game.  His hairstyle is the Faded by NightCrawler, as a Greek warrior, it would be a good idea to keep hair up and away. This hairstyle also comes in twenty-two swatches.

Butterfly Fairy

This is one of my go-to costumes for my Sims when I highlight costumes as the set is so unique and lovely it is absolute perfection.  The Fairy Sunset Set is made by DanSimsFantasy and each piece comes in ten different color swatches.  Of course, you can mix and match colors but I rarely do that with this set.   The bright and super glossy lipstick is  Jul_Haos’ Lipstick #59.  Accessories are; Liar Choker and Suzue’s Fairy Ears.  I usually go with pumps for this costume by these Boots by ShakeProductions,  fit so perfectly for a teen costume.

Little Devil

Sizzle! it is getting hot in here! If you want to make a statement try this mix and match hot ensemble for your Little Devil Costume this year.  The bodysuit is by DarkNightTt and comes in six swatches and the leather mini skirt is by Bill Sims and comes in twenty swatches.  The boots were created by OranosTR and come in six colors.  The Glamour Devil Headband is a must-have CC item for Halloween needs and it is created by Sugar Owl.  The headband pairs very nicely with the Mystique hair by Nightcrawler.  Our model Jayden is also wearing, NataliS’ Onyx Hoop Earrings with Spikes and nails and rings by Pralinesims.

Male Elf

Just add a fake bow and arrow and this costume is one hundred percent complete.  The Elf costume is made of DanSimsFantasy’s Elven Dogun set & Leather boots.  The set fits together so perfectly!  The hairstyle is Meliorn by Nightcrawler.  The elf ears can be found under the earring category and are made by Suzue, who has just the greatest elf ears! This particular set of elf ears comes with numerous piercings that really finishes off your Sim’s Halloween Costume.

Adult & Elder Costumes

The Expecting Space Queen

We could not leave out expecting Sims in our costume hunt!  This theme inspired dress by Sifix is absolutely breathtaking for formal wear or for a costume.  The Padme Dress has fifteen swatches and I absolutely adore the beaded details over the shoulder, they are so elegant and give this look an extra pinch of regal glam.  The hairstyle is by S-Club and the nails are by DarkNighTt.  What space queen look would be complete without some popping accessories.  The tiara and earrings are by S-Club and the necklace is by Christpher067.

The Pirate

This great-looking costume is a complete set minus the hat by OranosTR.  Of course, you could also add the eye patch.  But again all this minus the hat is in one complete download, again making your costume search so much easier.  The hat is a default game item, the hairstyle is by S-Club, and facial hair by Seleng. This set is a great addition to your Sim Halloween Costume closet!

The Greek Goddess

Out of all of the costumes highlighted here in this section, the Greek Goddess costume is my favorite.  This costume is gorgeous and I could not pick a better Sim to model it.  Evelynn, is actually one of LadySimmer94’s models modified and she wearing Lady’s Pearlescent Eye Light & A Little Bit Smokey Eyeliner.  The hairstyle Evelynn is wearing is a Maxis Match style by FeralPoodles called Morgana Hair.  The bracelet is base game and the necklace is the Gold Diamond Necklace by JiusThe Megara dress is by Sifix comes in ten swatches.  Each swatch has two main colors, for the purple one the dress is light purple with dark purple accents.  This is an absolutely stunning CC gown and a must-have if you enjoy Greek styled clothing for your Sims.

The Skeleton

Are you a busy parent? If so then this all-in-one costume and this bodysuit is just for you! This is one HOT skeleton!  The skeleton bodysuit is a one-piece by Saliwa and is a great quick and easy costume for adults.  For this Sim Halloween Costume, the boots are by ShakeProductions, hairstyle by Nightcrawler, and earrings by S-Club.  For some extra fabulous shine, Kendall is wearing  Jul_Haos’ Highlighter! 


Looks Like Vin is having some fun in his Lifeguard costume.  Vin is dressed in DanSimsFantasy’s Lifeguard set.  The hairstyle is the Faded by Nightcrawler, his hair is pulled out of his face so Vin can keep an extra eye on those sunbathers on the beach.  His costume is completed with OranosTR’s Slippers!



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