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Get That Look – Boho Western Fashion

Howdy folks welcome to another edition of Get That Look!  Today we will be looking at the trendy match-up of Boho Western fashion! We have had so much content about the horses and the Horse Ranch Pack!  I am going to try and refrain from talking about the horses… We are just focusing on the fashion style Boho Western that just so happens to fit the theme of horses and ranch living.  But you don’t have to even like horses to enjoy the Boho Western style! So let’s take a look and see what I can come up with as far as looks for Boho Western fashion with CC from TSR!

Featured CC – Hairstyle, Dress, & Boots

What is Boho Western?

The Boho Western trend is precisely what it sounds like mixing the two styles.  You just take a Western style and add boho flair, patterns, accessories, and POOF Boho Western.  Ok, maybe not that easy, but really not too hard, as both styles share a lot of similar elements.  When looking at similarities, a few things are found in both styles; leather, fringe, crochet, breathable materials, turquoise or gemstone accessories, braided hairstyles, vests, poofy tops, flared jeans, and so much more.  So it is really no wonder that these two styles blend together nicely.

Featured CC – Top

Why is Boho Western Fashion Trending

So why is Boho Western Fashion trending?  Well, it is still Summer in the US, so breathable fashions and crop tops work well for hotter weather.  For Simmers, there is another reason… you know,.. just the expansion pack most of us have been waiting fourteen years for… The Horse Ranch Expansion Pack?  So a lot of us are looking for CC for our ranch Sims.  You can check out my blog about CC to compliment the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack HERE if you need even more Ranch Life CC for your Sims!


Boho Western fashion clothing, you can mix a Western or southwestern element with a boho element.  Boho styles are a little looser and flowy compared to Western.  However, both styles feature breathable materials.  Regarding specifics for clothing, there are many options in Boho Western fashion.  The list of clothing options includes; jeans, long skirts, short skirts, loose tops, crop tops, fringe tops, dresses, and much more.

Featured CC – Hairstyle, Top, Bottoms, Eyeliner, & Necklace

I find southwestern and celestial prints super fun to add to this style. You can add bright colors and pop it with a lovely skirt or pair of jeans.. and, Poof, Boho Western. When styling Boho Western looks, I started by looking at the print or material first, just as there are so many options for types of clothing.  I downloaded the item if the CC had bright colors, southwestern patterns, or celestial patterns.  I also looked at the fabric type; leather, fringe, and loose-fitting light materials.


Featured CC – Hairstyle, Top, & Earrings

Like clothing, there are so many options for Boho Western hairstyles.  I see that many styles are half-up dos or loosely braided hairstyles.  But I have also seen this look pulled off with hair down under a hat.  So you will see my final looks having a variety of hairstyles I selected for these Boho Western fashion looks.

Accessories & Shoes

Featured CC – Hat, Bracelet 1, & Bracelet 2

For accessories, there are loads of options here on TSR.  Really anything western, boho, leather, gemstone, or crochet is a bonus to accessories.  Layering accessories is encouraged, as is mixing them. For example, layered necklaces and bracelets are super big in this style.  Scarves and hats can also add a lot to the look, so don’t forget to try them!

Featured CC – Sandals, Female Boots, & Male Boots

Shoes for Boho Western are simple to select from: boots or sandals.  Easy peasy shoes can be plain or have a design.  Leather beaded or crochet shoes are also suitable for Boho Western fashion.  I have even seen canvas wedged sandals pull off this look quite nicely.


Featured CC – Hairstyle, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lip gloss, Face Paint, Bracelet Set, & Earrings

In Boho Western fashion, makeup is less noticeable compared to other styles.  Generally, it is natural-ish looking, with eyeliner, lip gloss, and highlights being noticeable.  However, I have seen accent makeup, like in the photo above, and super thick eyeliner.  However, generally muted toned eyeshadow, eyeliner, a little bit of contour and blush, highlights, and lip gloss does the look quite well.

Final Looks

Featured CC – Hairstyle, Dress, Head band, Lip Ring, Bracelet, & Necklace

The southwestern-styled dress look is my favorite look out of this batch.  I love southwestern patterns incorporated in the Boho Western fashion and thought this dress was perfect.  Paired with the loose braid, western-themed necklace, boots, and boho-styled headband, this dress completes a super comfy, colorful, and gorgeous Boho Western look!

Featured CC – Hairstyle, Facial Hair, Top, Bottoms, & Boots

I included a masculine-styled look as I want to start mixing in ages and styles in future Get That Look blogs. This way, you all get more CC and see the style in a Sim that is not just a feminine young adult style.  We don’t want cookie-cutter; we want ALL the CC links! And this provides you with Boho Western fashion CC links for more Sims!


Honestly, the Boho Western trend is one of my favorite current trends.  Of course, I would not wear as many bright colors as in the styles here, and I would totally goth it up a bit, but there is a lot of potential here.  For Sims, I absolutely adore the patterns and more brilliant colors. It makes my game look cheery and happy watching this group of Sims show up around town!  This has been a super fun trend to find CC for, and I hope you enjoy the looks and CC links!  Happy Downloading!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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