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Barbie Movie Inspired CC

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! It’s Barbie weekend (aka the release weekend of the Barbie movie) and we wanted to celebrate by recreating some of the amazing outfits Barbie wears in the film. Don’t worry – this is a spoiler free lookbook, so you can enjoy the fits without seeing the movie!

Let’s go through the CC I used in all the looks! The Margot Robbie inspired Sim I used to model these looks can be found here. Her nails can be found here, and her eyebrows can be found here. Ready for peak kenergy? Let’s get into it!

Pretty in Plaid

Hair Dress Shoes Earrings Necklace

I absolutely adore this plaid look, which is one of the first ones you can see in the full length trailer for the movie. In the scenes, it looks like it even turns into a beach cover up (which is super versatile)! The CC creator who made this dress definitely got some major inspiration from the trailers (peep the identical pearl belt buckles), and it fit the theme of Barbie movie looks perfectly. I paired the dress with floral earrings and a floral necklace to correspond with Barbie’s accessories in the screenshots I’ve seen, completing the ‘fit with a pair of corresponding pink heels.

The OG

Bathing Suit Shoes Hair Glasses Lipstick

This look is incredibly iconic – it’s based on the very first outfit that the very first Barbies wore! A black and white swimsuit and black sandals (heeled, because of course) was the look that the original Barbies wore all the way back in 1959. She carried a pair of sunglasses, so I had to add some for Barbie to wear here. Her hair was worn with curls in the front and a ponytail in the back, reminiscent of popular hairstyles of the time. Her lipstick was, naturally, bright red, the “in” color of the 50’s – but still incredibly popular today, much like Barbie herself.


Top Pants Boots Hair

This is probably the most iconic look to come out of the Barbie movie so far. Last Halloween, almost 10 months before the movie was even supposed to come out, tons of people were dressed as cowgirl Barbie! It really speaks to how campy and eye catching this outfit is – it really feels inspired by the iconic Barbie outfits of the 80’s and 90’s. Cowgirl Barbie wears a pink vest and matching pink pants, along with some fancy cowboy boots. She wears her hair loose under a cowboy hat, completing her western look and making her the envy of the whole rodeo.

Disco Darling

Jumpsuit Hair Bracelets Shoes Necklace

This disco look is inspired by clips of the Barbie dance party that’s shown in some of the trailers and in the “Dance the Night” music video from the Barbie album intercut with Dua Lipa’s performance. From the press tour, a huge choreographed dance party starring a lot of the cast is definitely going to be a scene to look out for when you watch the movie! Barbie’s look is beautiful, with a silvery metallic jumpsuit that seems very 70’s or 80’s inspired, and big, beautiful curly hair that has a ton of motion with every dance move.

60’s Prep

Dress Hair Earrings Shoes

This is the outfit that we see Barbie wear in the trailer when she talks to Kate McKinnon’s character, who is an incredible version of the one really beat up Barbie I feel like everyone had (with her hair cut off and marker all over her face). I absolutely adore the 60’s look of this dress, and the collar is one of my favorite details to see on a dress since it adds some preppy flair. I kept the preppy theme going with a pair of mary janes and a bouncy high ponytail.

True Blue

Top Skirt Shoes
Hair Earrings Necklace

This look isn’t one I got from the trailer – it’s from the very first photo that we ever got from the movie! The first image that (officially) released was a photo of Barbie in a very 60’s look with a wide headband in her iconic pink convertible. She wore a blue striped top, which I swapped for plaid here, and since the look was a little nautical (dark blue and white just make me think of sailors!) and added some platform sandals to speak to the sort of 60’s inspired fashion that became popular in the 90’s, the beginning of the peak era of platform sandals.

Roller Derby Realness

Jumpsuit Rollerskates Hair

The roller blading scene is one of the first ones that the public got photos of when the movie was still in production! It was shot on location at the beach, and Barbie and Ken wore totally radical 80’s workout gear while they skated along the shore. It took a bit of digging to find the perfect leotard, but this one really fits the vibe of a vintage workout video instructor (which is honestly what all athleisure should be modeled after tbh). Some bright yellow roller blades completed the look so Barbie is ready to go blading down the boardwalk with Ken.

Gone Camping

Hair Top Pants Shoes Earrings

I LOVE this camping look. From what I could tell from the trailers, it looks like it’s going to be used in a travel montage with Barbie and Ken as they travel to the real world. This vignette occurs in the woods, where the two are camping in an old fashioned RV camper that, of course, matches Barbie’s outfit perfectly. I had a much more modern version of the Barbie camper when I was a kid (closer to a glam-per, I think it had a hot tub) so it was nice to see a throwback even in a smaller, shorter scene!

Thanks for checking out the Barbie Movie Inspired Lookbook! If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #91: Summer Bedroom or our Gilmore Girls inspired lookbook. Looking for something else? Read about summer CC looks for the whole family or check out our Spring Break trends lookbook! Have a great day 😎

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