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Shoe CC Highlight

Hello and welcome to a CC Highlight you have been waiting for…. a Shoe CC Highlight! This is your guide to the latest CC here at The Sims Resource and this round is all about Shoes!  The past two weeks have been quite eventful and full of amazing CC! The Modern Victorian Goth Collection came out with a BOOM and took the internet by storm.  There is no wonder in my mind as the CC in this collection was absolutely incredible and not to mention it had shoes.

Modern Victorian Goth

Obviously, with the great CC in the Modern Victorian Goth Collection, we are totally covering it in this Shoes CC Highlight! Shakeproductions created some really lovely shoes for this collection and let me tell you they are amazing.  Each pair of these shoes have a ton of details and fit the theme of Modern Victorian Goth.  Trust me when I say you will want to download ALL of them.


There are certain things every Sim needs, and one is a good pair of sneakers.  Each Sim has that athletic outfit and you absolutely need some stylish sneakers to complete that look! Recently there have been several pairs of sneakers uploaded to The Sims Resource.  A lot of super unique styles and color swatches complete with excellent details! Like, check out these Pale Wedge Sneakers by MysteriousOo.  Yea you read that wedged sneakers, perfect for your trendy athletic looks.

Dress Shoes

For me it is fall and that means I am looking at closed-toed shoe options for myself and my Sims.  Sometimes finding closed-toed dress shoes can be a little tricky as it sometimes would seem sandals are just perfect and cute… or maybe that is just me.  However, there have been some splendid dress shoes uploaded recently that I just absolutely adore on my Sims.  They are all closed-toed and have a lot of details, like buckles, straps, and bows.


Boots are a staple fashion for fall and winter.  I like to call fall Han Solo Season, high boots, leggings, long jacket.  Yes, I joke, but also at the same time… that is one of my go-to Fall looks for myself and my Sims.  Here at The Sims Resource, there is no shortage of boots, plenty of options for all sorts of styles.  Loads of options and amazing quality.

I hope you find lots of shoes for your Sims from this Shoe CC Highlight

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Featured Social Media Boots can be found HERE


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