Laundry List: November 16th, 2021

We have the next Laundry List – finally! The last Laundry List was released over the summer, so it has been a while! Read about what EA is currently investigating here.

This “Laundry List” contains some of the issues that are being reported by users which EA is currently looking into. However, that does not automatically mean it’s going to be fixed in the next update. Some issues may require more extensive investigation and testing than others.

The List

Here are the current issues on this edition of the list:

Getting likes/dislikes pop ups from sims not in household

Sims Can’t Repair Tub/Shower Combos While Get Famous Installed

Sims Can’t Upgrade Eco Upgrades on Tubs or Tub/Shower Combos

Nails partially paint clothing

Required Seaweed ingredient missing from game

Get To Know does not reveal traits

Game creating tons empty households/Save game bloat/Insane Lag

Can Not Harvest/Plant new Meat Wall

Repetitive Behavior: Ah-ha! Moments

Group Cooked Cakes: No Option to Add Wedding Topper or Birthday Candles

High value entries loose at the fair over lower ones

Maid doesn’t clean dust

If you are having issues with your game that you want to report, you can go to EA’s Answers HQ – there is a section specifically for reporting bugs! You can check and see if your problem is a known issue already, and if there are any troubleshooting steps you can take – or in some cases, there may be a solution!

As always, if you are having problems in your game, the first place to start with any Mods or Custom Content that you have. Testing the game without any mods/CC is a good way to verify if the issue is actually within the game itself, or if the problem lies in content that you’ve added. Outdated mods frequently cause a wide variety of issues. Mod-related issues have to be fixed by the creator. EA is not responsible for fixing issues caused by 3rd party content.

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