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CC Finds – Valentine’s Day Collection

Who’s ready for tons of Valentine’s Day-themed CC? You are, of course! That is why you are here to download ALL the FREE CC you could ever want! We are less than a week away from Valentine’s Day, so we are pre-celebrating with this Valentine’s Day Collection! So get your mouse clicker ready, and let’s go CC shopping! All the reds, pinks, purples, and hearts! Download it all!

Oh, wait… one moment. I have been informed that we need more context rather than deep-diving into CC madness and frantic downloading.

What is Valentine’s Day

So, first off… What is Valentine’s Day, and how did it start. After researching this holiday on Google and the History Channel, I have concluded that, like many holidays, a lot happened to develop Valentine’s Day into what it is today. The general history is that on February 14th, during Emperor Claudius II’s reign (estimated 270 AD), two men were executed with the last name of Valentine. One was a priest who defied the Roman decree that said soldiers were not to marry.

Sims 4 Valentine's Day CC

Featured CC – Skin, Lip Liner, & Lip Gloss

So, where did the flowers, cards, candy, and gifts come from? Well, that is said to be from an ancient Roman festival. Long story short, the day ended with names being put in a jar for the city’s bachelors to be matched up with other singles. So what about the Valentine’s Cards? According to the History Channel, they showed up around the Middle Ages. One of the oldest Valentines known was one written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, who was in the tower of London, and he wrote a Valentine to his wife. This Valentine is part of a manuscript collection in the British Library in London.

So fast forward to 2024, and now Valentine’s Day is dinner, gifts, cards, candy, and flowers, but still all in the name of love.

The Collection + CC Highlights

Love is in the air with TSR’s Valentine’s Day Collection! 💘

Get ready to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with our curated selection of clothing to complete your Sims Valentine’s Day look and decor to create the perfect cozy and intimate atmosphere in your game 💐💕 From vibrant pink and red outfits, heart-shaped accessories, and romantic decor sets, let love blossom in your Sims world as you create magical moments and warm memories.

TSR Valentine's Day Collection

Spread the love, embrace romance, and celebrate the joy of being in love! You can find the full Valentine’s Day Collection HERE. 🥰


When I think of Valentine’s Day attire, I think of short red and pink dresses and suits! I must not be the only one, as the Valentine’s Day Collection is complete! And there are even dresses and suits for your little ones!

1  – Valentine’s Day Printed Bodycon Mini Dress by D.O. Lilac 

TSR Valentine's Day Collection

2 – Heart Dress by MohCreations

TSR Valentine's Day Collection

3 – Darling Suit Jacket by McLayneSims

Sims 4 Kids CC


There are so many different hairstyles for Valentine’s Day, so I focused on heart shapes, colors, and super cute styles! I love hairstyles with a bit of a pop of color. It can add a lot to an overall look and make a style look super fun!

1 – Aimee Hairstyle by Shimydim

Sims 4 Hair

2 – Lovelo Hairstyle – AurumMusik

Sims 4 hair

3 – First Love Hair by Nilyn

Sims 4 hair


Rather than focus on many necklaces and rings, I added the tights I used for last week’s Look of the Week! I added some nails and a cute pair of earrings. You could totally put all three of these together in one outfit!

1 – Valentine Nails by LVNDRCC

TSR Valentine's Day CC

2 – Cute Tights by Laupipi

TSR Valentine's Day CC

3 – Heart Necklace by MahoCreations

TSR Valentine's Day CC


Again, I went for a variety here! I wanted to showcase more variety and limit each section to two or three items. The problem is there is so much nice CC; I want to showcase it ALL!

1 – Valentine’s 2024 Eyeshadow by Anonimux

TSR Valentine's Day CC

2 – Love Lipgloss by Caroll91

TSR Valentine's Day CC

3 – Blush A22 by Angissi

TSR Valentine's Day CC


Even the shoes have adorable hearts! I love it! Those heart boots… I would wear it ALL year round! I love them, the height, style, and colors. And because we want variety, we want a pair of cute sneakers and strappy sandals!

1 – Heart Sneakers by MermaladeSimtr

Sims 4 Shoes

2 – Heart Sock Boots by MermaladeSimtr

Sims 4 Shoes

3 – Heart Detail Wedge Heels by MermaladeSimtr

Sims 4 Shoes


Decor and clutter can definitely add to the romantic vibes of the room! We have loads of super cute and romantic CC that you can install to give your Sims whatever style of Valentine’s Day experience you wish! I am one for hanging plants and flowers; we have those too!

1 – The Date by SiomisVault

TSR Valentine's Day CC

2 – Heart Mirror by Simbishy

TSR Valentine's Day CC

3 – Yvette Set (Curtain) by Soloriya

TSR Valentine's Day CC

Lots & Rooms

There are even lots and rooms to download that are perfect for Valentine’s Day in this Collection! Take your Sims to a nice dinner, walk in a park, or get cozy at home! All options with the CC are found in the Valentine’s Day Collection!

1 – Valentine’s Night Out By Evi

TSR Valentine's Day CC

2 – Pink as Valentines by Evi

TSR Valentine's Day CC

3 – Lover’s Bedroom by dasie22

TSR Valentine's Day CC

Poses & More

Of course, there is even more CC in the Valentine’s Day collection… like super cute poses! I love these romantic-themed poses, which are perfect for taking amazing photos of your Sims! Speaking of which, there are even full Sims to download!

Say Yes Pose Pack by Couquett

TSR Valentine's Day CC

My Looks for Valentine’s Day

Of course, I could not help myself and had to download tons and tons of CC from the Valentine’s Day Collection… and maybe even more CC… I wanted to make some super cute and unique looks for Valentine’s Day. So, I went with one cute and heart-filled look, one causal, one glittery sporty, and one elegant formal look.

Look 1 – Keira

TSR Valentine's Day Collection

Featured CC – Hair, Top, Skirt, Tights, & Shoes

This Sim came out super cute! I saw this sweater and wanted to use it in my video or blog! For my personal style, a little too many hearts with the hair, earrings, shoes, and sweater… but for a Sim, it works!

Look 2 – Marshall

TSR Valentine's Day Collections

Featured CC – Hair, Facial Hair, Top, & Shoes

I wanted to include some masculine CC in my content for this week because I know how much you all love to download it!  — looks so comfy and casual with the teeshirt and jeans! The shoes also have some great details with the beads and overall texture and color!

Look 3 – Isabel

TSR Valentine's Day CC

Featured CC – Hair, Top, Leggings, & Shoes

I spent a TON of time on this Sim. It was almost like I forgot the rest existed after I made Isabel. I love this Sim. There are so many details and CC items (I tried to link as much as possible)! Lately, I have been into presets, skin details, and makeup CC.. and Isabel is why! So we will blame her when I run out of room on my hard drive for downloading so much CC!

Look 4 – Daliah

TSR Valentine's Day CC

Featured CC – Hair, Dress, Earrings, & Shoes

I do really like this Sim as well. Daliah looks like an upgraded Bella Goth to me. She is elegant, dressed in a dark red, and has this romantic vibe. Honestly, I think she would be perfect for a Black Widow Challenge. LOL, I am sorry, Daliah; I know she is a good Sim, but it would be perfect!

All four of these Sims are featured in my Valentine’s Day CC Shopping video that you can find HERE.


I am a romantic, so I love Valentine’s Day and, most importantly, the CC this holiday brings! We see such lovely dresses, jewelry, makeup, and super cute lots perfect for romantic dates every year. Maybe it is just because I am looking, but more restaurants, wedding venues, and parks are created at this time of year. But it could just be because I have specifically looked for those items.

TSR Valentine's Day Collection

Featured CC – Earrings, Piercing, Eyelashes, & Eyeshadow

In my personal style, I am not a fan of hearts or pastels, but for my Sims… ABSOLUTELY! I like having a wide variety of Sims and prefer them in bright colors. With the animation style and vibrant worlds, I just like to make sure my Sims are super bright and colorful. Of course, I have a few goth or alternative-styled Sims, but I generally save that style for my Simself. LOL, It’s my style!!! All jokes aside, I am also big on red dresses for formal occasions, especially if I give Bella a makeover! Now is the perfect time to find her a new dress… or two… or twenty. Who is counting… (other than my computer’s hard drive).

TSR Valentine's Day CC

Featured CC – Earrings, Piercing, Eyelashes, Skin, & Eyeliner

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

Suppose you need more Valentine’s Day content; remember, we have the Valentine’s Day Collection and my previous Valentine’s Day blogs. In that case, CC Finds Hearts, CC Finds Valentine’s Day Decor, Valentine’s Day CC Hunt, and One Color Challenge – Romantic Red Lookbook.

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