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Scripted Mod Notification

The following is a “scripted mod” notification from TheSimsResource.com

A malicious individual in the community has been targeting ‘scripted mods’ at multiple Sims mods sites, including TSR.  After recent events, we are bringing you this important update. Here at The Sims Resource, we take safety and security seriously.  As staff and Sims Enthusiasts, we want our downloaders to be as safe as possible and informed. This current batch of malware is found in specific Sims 4 mods across various mod platforms. 

The good news is that most downloads of Custom Content (CC) are not scripted and remain safe to download. 

We know you’re as passionate about custom content as we are, so if you’re concerned about whether you have downloaded any malware files, there are some great community resources that track which files are being impacted to date and how to remove the malware safely.  We thank our community friends for sharing this information. 

We know this can be an alarming topic. However, there are always risks when you download anything off the internet; make sure that you take precautions and use trusted sites to mitigate the risk. You can also help to minimize these risks by installing Anti-Virus software on your gaming system. 

What Is Malware

The word Malware is short for malicious software.  Malware is designed to gain unauthorized access or damage to a computer.  Generally, these files are hidden executable files (exe) that steal passwords and data.  Discord, crypto wallets, browsers, and Steam are the most commonly impacted programs.

How Do I Know If My Computer Is Infected

A typical tale-tale sign that your computer has malware is that the device will run slower.  Malware can prevent your computer from running efficiently, as it will use up resources.  So, if you notice sluggish performance, you should check your computer for Malware.

 2/8/2024 – 2/12/2024 Impacted Mods

Please note that there could be more mods impacted from this Malware as the community reports incidents and creators confirm the issues.

TSR Mods (note: infected mods have been removed from TSR)

Seasons Cheat Menu by MSQSIMS

Motherlode Menu by MSQSIMS

Mood Cheat Menu by MSQSIMS

Mouth Preset N16 by PlayersWonderland

Weather and Forecast Cheats by MSQSIMS

Off-TSR, Community Reported

Cult Mod by PimpMySims (Fake version of Mod The Sims; original Patreon version seems unaffected.)

Social Events – Unlimited Time by MySims4 on CurseForge

Jan file date V1 of Adult mod on Loverslab

 *Mac and Linux users are believed to be unaffected by this Malware, as it is a .exe file (a Windows file).

How Do I Know I am Infected & How Do I Remove it?

Simmers are a very creative and resilient community, and many Simmers have created guides to help others in this time of need.  These are just a few of the resources from the community; their resources are more, and these are not affiliated with The Sims Resource, so please use them with caution.

Twisted Mexi’s ModGuard

Twisted Mexi has released ModGuard, which blocks common virus vectors and tracks the mod file that attempted to download it.  If you have a virus present, ModGuard will notify you with the mod name so that you can remove the mod immediately.   ModGuard also shares the infected mod name with the Twisted Mexi Team, allowing compromised mods to be identified quickly. You can download Twisted Mexi’s ModGuard HERE from their Patreon.

Overwolf’s Sims Virus Cleaner

Overwolf has released a Sims Virus Cleaner, which is said to remove malware from your computer.  When the scan finishes, you will be notified if any files are removed and infected.  You can download Overwolf’s Sims Virus Cleaner HERE from their GitHub Page.

Scarlet’s Realm Malware Mod Information

Scarlet’s Realm has a very in-depth look at the malware mod situation and provides resources and information to Simmers.  You can review this information HERE.

Other Malware Resources

We know you are all very concerned with the situation, and we wish to help, so here are a couple of other resources you may find helpful in preventing malware.

2FA – Two-Face Authentication

Two-faced authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of security you can have on many platforms, like Discord, to protect yourself.  2FA generally sends a security code to an email or mobile number to validate a login.


There are also many anti-virus programs available to help increase your safety.  The following are available that state they detect and/or remove malware.

TSR Site Updates

At The Sims Resource, we are taking safety and security very seriously.  We have developed a plan of action to increase the security and safety of our users and are only accepting script mods once we have implemented enhanced processes to scan and verify their safety.  We have reviewed all mod updates from 2024 and are currently reviewing our library of script mods to ensure they have been unaffected by the recent security incident.  All files in question or confirmed as impacted by this incident have been removed. We are also working on additional security measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

We take your safety and security seriously and have removed all infected files. We’ve suspended both the upload AND download of all scripted mods at TSR until we’ve verified that every file is malware-free.  We’re sorry about that.

Also, TSR has no personal information other than your registered email address. Your payment information is encrypted off-site by Recurly, which is a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant provider. You can find more information about Recurly HERE

Please note that any artist names associated with the targeted files were not involved and were simply unfortunate victims of this attack.  We’re sorry and disappointed this has happened in The Sims community, but rest assured we take your safety and security seriously.  Please contact us anytime you’re concerned or need further advice, and we thank you for your continued support.  You can contact us on Social Media or via email at [email protected].

We thank our community friends for sharing information and keeping everyone informed, and we look forward to continuing to be your resource for all things Sims.  


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