Adventures of a New Builder – Sims 4

Welcome to my new builder adventure! Hi, my name is Jezi and I have never completed a lot in the Sims.  I have been playing Sims since release and yes have NEVER completed a lot.  I spend my time mostly in Create a Sim.  Every building attempt has ended in disaster.  So today for your viewing pleasure I present my first ever residential lot.  *walks away in shame.

The Lot

I was given the advice by a dear friend who is a fantastic builder to start small.  The last time I tried ‘small’ it was a 30×40 lot… and it did not go well.  This time I selected the smallest lot size 20×15.

I selected Newcrest to build in as in this save it is more open and had that 20×15 lot.  My goal with this build is a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom with a nice landscaped yard and open living room/dining/kitchen area.  It is not a lot of space, but I just need to practice and learn.

Framing the Lot

Of course me being me, basic anything is hard.  It is “go big or go home” always. So I did not want a flat house…

New Builder Sims 4I wanted a raised patio at the least.  This all went well as I kept the lot as a basic square (even though it hurt inside).

Windows & Doors

HAHA! So far so good! Now for some fancy but modern windows and doors.  Of course, I like high ceilings so the default size just will not do.


new builder Sims 4

The yard was looking a bit too blank, so next up landscaping!  Goals here to cover allll the unused space… For the grass, I used Severinka‘s Fantasy Forest Grass and for the terrain paint SleepyMaya’s Terrain Set.

We have established on multiple occasions that I am in fact a crazy plant person, so yes I did go all out.  I love colorful plants and trees so smashed it all in there using moveobjects cheat!


And here is when things went badly… the roof.  What in the world is going on here! WHY IS THIS SO HARD! I felt that the house looked nice for a beginner… until this monstrosity! I have no idea.  Flat roof maybe? What in the llama sweaters is going on here! It looks HIDEOUS! As a new builder, I had no idea it would be this hard!

Rooms – What Next

New Builder Sims 4I am very pleased with the layout of the rooms, sure it is simple but for what I wanted it works.  I wanted a very large open space, but to also section off the living room from the dining room.  This house is small so probably not the best for a large family of Sims.  The good news is that it does have enough room for a Sim or a couple to move around and enjoy their Sim life.


Well, my first completed shell of a house and aside from the roof, it is not terrible.  The whole building process took me a good four hours.  There was  some screaming with the roof, but it was still fun.  I really enjoyed working on the landscaping. I am really excited to decorate this little house up and see if decorations help the overall look… I mean I can hope with that roof right? I think I did pretty good for a new builder. Let me know what you think!

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