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TSR VIP Features All Simmers NEED!

Welcome to your ultimate guide on TSR’s VIP features! Today, we’ll be learning about what is TSR VIP, how to use VIP perks and more.

But before we get into that, please allow me to properly introduce to you what The Sims Resource is… <insert drumroll 🥁>  The Sims Resource (TSR) started in 1999 as the very first The Sims fansite.  Today, TSR is the largest Sims community in the world, with over 2M+ monthly users and over 10B+ lifetime downloads.  Now that is a LOT of Simmers that download CC! 🤯 And the best part of all, TSR offers more custom content (CC) than any other site for FREE! With over 5M+ uploaded creations (all creations safely checked and tested by TSR staff) submitted from Artists all over the world.

From custom content to official blogs, tutorial/guides, the latest pack reviews, videos, forums, VIP Discord, and much more, TSR is your one-stop shop for EVERYTHING Sims related!

What is VIP?

Now, of course, we do have a subscription called VIP.  The TSR VIP membership gets you special exclusive perks, including ad-free downloads, no wait-time when downloading and more!  The VIP subscription lets us pay artists for their hard work and outstanding creations.  In return for the subscription, VIP members get loads of perks that allow them to focus on what matters most and browse & download quickly to get back to playing.

What are my VIP perks?

By becoming a VIP member, there are many benefits; the most popular perks being Ad-Free Downloads(which means no wait-time countdown when downloading CC), Download Basket, One-Click Downloads and a Exclusive VIP Community. Sounds pretty sweet right? But there’s more! As a VIP member, you gain access to an exclusive CC Manager tool which allows you to keep your CC organized, updated and ready for your next game session! And some of my personal favorite perks are infinite scrolling, download history, and a search feature.

Still confused? No worries, we got you! Let us explain a bit more about these perks:

Ad Free Downloads

Download more uninterrupted! With a TSR VIP membership, you can download without waiting and without ads.  Without a VIP membership, you will get a fifteen-second wait timer, ads, and a thank you page.  With VIP, you can also infinitely scroll and use the quick download feature without waiting!  You can easily and quickly download TONS of Sims 4 CC!

Exclusive Early Access

With a TSR VIP membership, you can download handpicked selections as soon as they are released.  These items will have an early access badge and are only found on TSR.  Anyone without a VIP membership has to wait fourteen days after the initial release to download these exclusive items.  

Download Basket

The Download Basket is a game-changing TSR VIP feature!  You can collect and download content in bulk for up to 500 items, or 1GB of CC can be added to your basket and downloaded once.  The Download Basket feature also zips your downloads up for easy and quick downloads!  You can easily add items for creations straight to your basket when needed.  Without a VIP Membership, you must download each creation item individually with ads and wait time.  

Private Community

With a VIP membership, one of the features is that you can connect with other Ultimate Simmers like you! On the Exclusive TSR VIP Discord, you can chat with other Simmers from all around the world, TSR Staff, and your favorite TSR Artists.  Share your gameplay and Sims experiences with screenshots, creations, Sims stories and ask the community for WCIF (Where Can I Find) questions.  The Discord community is also great for sharing feedback directly to TSR Staff and learning about TSR of the game itself!

I have even observed special requests from VIP members for creations, like the Kitty Crowns by Glitterberryfly.   Those were a special request from a VIP member and Discord user, and Glitterberryfly made it happen!  

How Do I get VIP?

“The perks sound AMAZING! 🤩 How do I join VIP?”

Well, it is simple! Just click the ‘Join VIP’ button on our homepage to be directed to the shop.  ➡️ You can also click HERE to be directed to the shop page.

TSR has sales on VIP occasionally on site so if you’re looking for a deal, keep an eye out on our site through emails (which you can do by signing up for a free account here) or on our socials! We have a Linktree to make things easier for you when it comes to our social links and any current deals.


I have had an account at TSR since February 18, 2010.  Most of the time, I had a VIP Membership.  The VIP Membership is worth it for TSR VIP Features, especially the download basket and ad-free downloads.  However, some are more pertinent than others and are perfectly fine with waiting fifteen seconds per download.  I, however, am not… and download at least a basket full of CC a day, and a VIP membership helps me support my CC addiction.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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