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TSR Spring Collab- Retro Reboot – Part 1

The Sims Resource Spring Collab, Retro Reboot, is coming! The theme this season is Retro and let me tell you this Retro Reboot is something you should be excited for!  This collab is full of all things Retro-themed from hair, clothing, makeup, sims, lots, objects, and more…like 700+ items more.  Everything RETRO!

What Is Retro?

So what is Retro anyway? Well, it is a style from recent history.  The collab gave the definition of the time period for creations to be between the 1930s and 1980s.  This date range provides a wide variety of options for the artists to work with.

Dissia’s Retro Jumpsuit modeled by the lovely ladies of The House

What is great about this collab is it offers a lot of themed Custom Content for Simmers.  I’m not saying we didn’t already have retro CC here at TSR, but as with any type of CC you can ALWAYS use more.

Dress by Ekinege

What to Expect

Madonna by Jolea

There is so much CC in this collab that we are splitting the preview into two parts!  In this first segment we are going to be looking at my favorite aspect of the game – Create a Sim or CAS items, as well as some of the Sims that artists have created. You can find Part 2 of the preview HERE. 

Headband by OranosTR

The Retro Reboot Collab creations will begin to become available starting with VIP Early Access on March 23rd.  The Early Access items will publicly open after seven days of early access.  This format is very similar to the Winter Wonderland Collab.


We are just going to start out with a bang since there are over fifty new CAS creations from forty-two artists coming to TSR very soon.  These creations range from hair, makeup, outfits, accessories, and shoes all within the theme of Retro.


NataliS’ 60s Pearl Necklace and Earrings

One of the biggest elements of this collab is the number of unique accessories.  The amount of accessories of all kinds in this collab is phenomenal.  All kinds from various points of time between the 1930s to the 1980s.

The Accessories in this collab include styles like classy jewelry, skater wear, rock n roll, 80s fitness, statement earrings, high socks, and more!


When we are talking about hair in this Retro Reboot Collab, there is quite the variety–from Flips, Rolls, 70s Braids, and Rock N Roll ‘dos these artists have you covered. Some of these hairstyles are brand new meshes and there are also a few super fun recolors.  Don’t forget the hair accessories!


The outfits in this Retro Reboot Collab are very unique.  All of you are going to have fun downloading all this CC and decking your Sims out in Retro outfits.  There are so many bright colors and fun patterns that I know you are going to fall in love with this CC!

Before you start worrying about toddlers and children, they also have plenty of options in the outfit department!

There are even outfits for male children! Mr. Jezi saw these images and immediately thought of his 1st-grade photos.  Apparently, he had a baby blue geometric vest back in the 70s.  There are also plenty of options for adult male sims as well. 


If you have been around TSR a bit, you know we all absolutely love makeup! The Retro Reboot Collab is definitely not falling short on this area. Your expectations of gorgeous and fresh makeup for your Sims will be easily met with all the makeup in this collab.

You can totally create a retro bombshell look with all this beauty CC, which includes eyelashes, Twiggy-inspired makeup, colorful lipstick, and more!


Skates by Dissia

Shoes? Did someone say shoes? Oh yes! We have shoes coming, don’t you worry about that! Not only do we have some super cute shoes, but there are roller skates!

Celebrity SIms & Style

Marilyn by BAkalia

If you love Celebrity Sims you are going to be super happy to find out that as of now there are ten Celebrity Sims in this Retro Reboot Collab!

Sofia Loren by Danuta720

Celebrity inspiration includes: Cher, James Dean, Sophia Loren, Marylin Monroe, and Madonna among others!

Dor0thy by Jolea, Dress by Sifix

You might even find some familiar outfits in this Retro Reboot collab as well!


Dress by Pizazz

Just a reminder The Retro Reboot Collab items will begin releasing on March 23rd and continue to March 31st!  Some items will be VIP Access for 7 days, after that they will be available for public download.

Outfit by Dissia

Don’t forget there is a TSR VIP Ambassador Program now, so refer your friends!  You and your friend will be entered into a drawing for a Sims 4 Expansion Pack.  Have multiple friends to refer? No problem, you can get more than one entry, spread the love of Sims!   Happy Downloading!

Click here for Part 2 of the Retro Reboot Collab Preview.

Room Reno #1: Home Office

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