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Room Reno #1: Home Office

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Sims Resource’s Room Reno #1! I’m Paige, and in this blog series, I’ll be making over rooms in different Sims’ homes in order to make their lives a little easier (and nicer to look at!) using The Sims Resource CC. Let’s meet the Sim I’m working with today!

Meet Eleanor

Eleanor is a single mom who lives with her toddler daughter, Tessa. Tessa is recently aged into a toddler and Eleanor plans to work from home, so she needs a home office space that doubles as a playroom. Let’s see what kind of space and budget we’re working with!

The Before

Eleanor’s spare room is decently sized for the renovation, so luckily we’ll save some money on the makeover since we won’t have to expand. This is important because her budget is only 3000 Simoleons. Eleanor has mentioned her favorite colors are greens and neutrals and that she loves plants. Let’s see what I can do!

The Planning

When considering what to do with this room, I knew that a visual separation of space would be very important. Since Eleanor wants to work but still have some access to Tessa, I decided on clear plant barriers to give the effect of a dividing wall that still allows for mother and daughter to see each other. I want to give Eleanor lots of storage for papers and files, so I want to put built-ins around her desk to give her more storage. For little Tessa, I want to make sure her play space is whimsical and cute while also being able to convert into a homework space for when she ages into a child.

The After

Voila! A completely redone home office and playroom space. I made sure to stick to neutrals with some pops of color, in particular pink and teal. For Tessa’s area, I made sure to scatter lots of toys around and put the storage bin in the middle of the space so that toys (hopefully) stay on their side of the room. Here’s to Tessa, Eleanor, and their new space! Links to the sets and items I used are below.

Stibium Toddler Set Stibium Toddler Toys Muse Study
Dargez Office Erithronium Bedroom

Thanks for reading Room Reno #1 here at The Sims Resource! Be sure to come back later for even more installments 🙂

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