Wondering what’s trending in April on The Sims Resource? Paige and Jezi are on the case, finding pieces of CC that’ll help you (and your Sims) live according to the trends of April 2021.

Trending: Nighttime Routines

Self-care is even more important after the past year (Has it been longer? Time is an illusion) we’ve all had, and right before bed is a great time to wind down and relax. Silk pajamas are big right now for their luxurious texture and cooling features (especially when paired with silk pillowcases)–I used Sifix’s Penny Pajamas on my simself, seen above. Ritual baths are also popular this month, combining a traditionally relaxing bath with crystals, herbs, and flowers to help relieve aches, pains, and stressors.  I recreated a ritual bath using the November Bath by dasie2. From there, a cozy and welcoming bedroom full of twinkly lights will send your Sims off to dreamland–I used the Daisy bedroom by Severinka (similarly to last month’s trending!) to create a cozy atmosphere. -Paige

Trending: Non-traditional Weddings

For the month of April, one of the big trends has been non-traditional weddings.  What does a non-traditional wedding mean you might ask.  A non-traditional wedding is basically something unique in comparison to general weddings of the given area or culture.  For example, one of the hot trends is themed weddings, like Bella & Mortimer here getting re-married here (don’t ask, my game save is a soap opera).  Their last name is Goth so I styled them in a light goth-themed wedding.  This is not the only example of a non-traditional wedding, as there are limitless ways to change things up. -Jezi

Trending: Fashion

Athleisure sets have been trending a lot in April. There seems to be a clear line tracking everyone’s fashion over the past year–wearing sweats and pajamas every day has evolved into athleisure and yoga sets, for feeling just a little more put together without *gasp* having to wear real pants. In the first outfit above, I paired the Astra track pants by KaTPurpura with the manueaPinny Cheri crop top and the chunky Ozweego sneakers by DarkNightTt. This outfit balances function (comfy pants and sneakers) with fashion (a sleek crop top). The second outfit is definitely more traditional athleisure–a sports bra and bike short set and sneakers. I used the Heather Full Body set by KaTPurpura and the Fila Disruptor Strap sneakers by DarkNighTt. Athleisure is one of my favorite styles to wear around the house nowadays–I feel like less of a shapeless potato, and maybe I’ll even fit a workout in (unlikely, but we can hope). -Paige

Trending: Beauty

For the beauty portion of this blog, we are using the lovely Dina Caliente. We’ll be giving her a light makeover with some CC that fits April’s beauty trends.  Feathered and full brows are totally in right now.  Sure full brows have been a thing for a while, but now the trend is to feather them up a bit.  With feathered brows comes feathered out hair, which happens naturally for a lot of us anyways in the summer.  Curtain bangs are a new one for me, but they seem to pair quite nicely with bigger hair.  Finally, we have sun-kissed or bronzed makeup.  This trend typically pops up around summertime but paired with beach hair instead of feathered. -Jezi


Thanks for checking out what’s trending on The Sims Resource in April! If you’re interested in more of our content, check out our guide to our new magazine, The Resource, as well as the most recent installment of Room Reno!

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