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Picnic Time – TSR Style

For me, springtime means fabulous outdoor events, and that includes Picnic Time! For a great Picnic Time experience, you need to make sure that you have at least the basics covered.  Fortunately, for all of us, the object artists here at The Sims Resource really go above and beyond to take your Sims’ outdoor dining experience to the next level.

The Basics

If you are short on time or just looking for a basic picnic experience you only need a few things to make it happen.

  1. A comfy place to sit  – Picnic tables are nice and fast but for a basic picnic, you do not absolutely need one.
  2. Food – Food is an essential part of a picnic.  You don’t have to go all out with a three-course meal for a great picnic.  You can keep it simple with hot dogs and sandwiches or even just a snack.
  3. Drinks – Just like food this does not have to be fancy, it could be as simple as bottled water or a can of soda.
  4. Lovely scenery – Finally a picnic needs a great location.  Traditionally picnics are outside but this does not have to be the case.  As long as the location is what you are looking for and has a little room to sit or lay down, it will work for a basic picnic.
Fancy Picnic Dining

Maybe you want to have an entire picnic event or a romantic picnic for two, well there are some easy things you can add to make your picnic experience a little fancier.

  1. Lighting – Candles and string lights are a quick and easy way to make your picnic experience a little fancier.  Candles especially this candle in a jar by Servenka, can really add more of a romantic element to your picnic.
  2. Decor – Depending on what style or picnic you are going for will determine your decor type.  For a birthday party picnic, you could have balloons, happy birthday banners, and decorations like that to fancy up your picnic.
  3. Baskets or boxed food sets – Nothing says fancy picnic like a nice basket of fruit or boxed cheese set.  By adding these elements to your picnic you can make the entire event an experience of your choice.
  4. Fancy drinks – Just like decorations drinks will be determined by the type of picnic you are wanting.  If it is a nice BBQ with friends some fun fizzy drinks might be in order.  Romantic events you might want to add some nice nectar for the full romantic effect.
  5. Location – With fancy picnics, you just need to be a little more selective on your location.  You want that lovely scenery but if you have entertainment or special things planned for set-up you will want enough space to make it happen.

Additional Fun Picnic Items

The Sims Resource has lots of objects that you can use for your picnics in-game.  There are items for any sort of picnic you would like to have.  We have pillows, drinks, food, rugs, picnic tables, baskets, outdoor lighting, and pretty much whatever you need to make a picnic awesome.  You can even add some fun little decorative chickens from Soloriya’s chicken sets.

Picnic Table VS Blanket or Rugs

There are two schools of thought about a picnic setting; on the ground or raised.  Really it does not matter in Sims, as there are no ants or bugs that will try to take your food in-game.  However, floor seating is a little trickier than a picnic table, as you will need to pose your sims on the blanket, rug, or ground to get them to appear sitting.  Don’t worry we have that as well all here at The Sims Resource.  One of the pose artists Beto_ae0 has a great pose pack set specifically made for Picnic Time! 

Picnic Activities for Sims

For a great Picnic Time with your Sims, plan for some activities.  Even a simple soccer ball can work or maybe you are having a picnic on the waterfront?  Options are endless for picnics, have fun with your picnics with your Sims!

Carlos & Devon from The House, Decorative pillow, & Pouf


There are so many ways you can have a great Picnic Time with your Sims.  Here at The Sims Resource, our CC can help you improve that.  If you are looking to start your Picnic Time adventures I suggest you first look at Soloriya’s Picnic set.  This set comes pre-zipped with a lot of items you will absolutely love for a picnic.  But don’t stop there, keep looking we have tons of great Picnic Time objects all over The Sims Resource!

Keep in mind that a lot of these picnic items are decorative clutter items.  They are great for stories, gameplay, and photos. What I did so that my Sims would eat in photos was have a couple of meals nearby.  It was a lot of fun setting up these picnics and I hope you find lots of objects to download for your future picnics!

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