Swatches, Kits, and Content, oh my!

It’s Patch Day! “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” according to EA. This appears to be quite the update, too! Instead of one pumpkin, we’re getting the entire pumpkin patch – aha – patch… no? Okay, I’ll see myself out.

We have 2 new fashion-based kits coming out on Oct. 5th, and then in today’s game patch, 1,200 new swatches have been added to existing base game content!

Swatch Updates

Incheon Arrivals Kit

Fashion Street Kit

Swatch Updates

The highlight of this patch is that the art team has taken almost 150 items from the base game, and added some brand new swatches! By “some” they actually mean around 1,200 new swatches in all kinds of different patterns and colors. This will hopefully bring quite a bit more variety to your new builds!

(Did somebody mention Dream Home Decorator? If you, like me, only played it a couple of times and then moved on, this is the perfect opportunity to backtrack and see what kind of amazing new designs you can come up with!)

Below you will find some screenshots – provided by SimGuruBeth – that show off a good portion of the new content!

Anything with a green dot or green arrow indicates that is a new swatch.

Incheon Arrivals

Next up, we have a pack inspired by South Korean fashion!

“When visiting Seoul, your first experience with the South Korean metropolis is likely through the Incheon International Airport. Rated as one of the busiest, cleanest, and technologically-advanced airports in the world, Incheon is an incredible introduction to the nation’s rich and vibrant culture.”

If you are wondering what an airport has to do with modern fashion, Jazzy Cho explains:

“Airport style is 공항 (gonghang) fashion [meaning airplane fashion],” says Cho. “It stemmed from when the press would greet or welcome back traveling celebrities. It really began to boom with the rise in global popularity of K-pop, the internet, and social media.” Cho continues, “Images of the hottest South Korean stars arriving or departing would be shared across the internet, and if one style that they were wearing goes viral, then that style becomes the trend of the season.”

Fashion Street Kit

The next upcoming kit takes us to Fashion Street, in the city center of Mumbai, India!

“For the latest kit offering, The Sims™ is taking players to this beautiful corner of the world, and unlocking the distinct style one would encounter there. To do so, The Sims has collaborated with its friend and fashion expert Shruti Sitara Singh to co-create a comprehensive and authentic wardrobe of vibrant color, high-contrast patterns, iconic silhouettes and trendy statement pieces that can be integrated into a Sim’s closet. 

Born, raised and currently based in Mumbai, Shruti Sitara Singh is an art-meets-fashion curator, creating immersive narratives that intersect art, music, theater, design and culture. She has worked with the Fashion Design Council of India as a curator and manager, led the launch of India’s first-ever digital fashion week, and served as a creative director for Lakmé Fashion Week. Her expertise is undeniable, but it’s her history with Mumbai’s fashion scene, and Fashion Street specifically, that made her the perfect partner for this kit.

The Fashion Street Kit is inspired by a lot of India, and of course Mumbai,” explains Singh. “It’s inspired by the Indian handloom (weaving) industry, which is preserving and rendering a beautiful picture of our age old heritage, known worldwide for its richness and purity of its textiles. Each piece is adorned with lively colors and prints specific to different cultures, because Mumbai, the City of Dreams, is a melting pot.” 

It seems like both of these kits will bring some new, interesting fashion to the world of The Sims!

Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street will be available beginning on October 5th, 2021.


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