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Simming with Friends

Have friends who also play the Sims? How do you Sim together? Simming with friends sounds like a difficult task when the game does not offer multiplayer options.  Aside from just chatting about the game and saying “wow you will never believe what my Sims just did…” What else is there to do?  Well, a lot actually! You just have to sometimes get creative!

Where I Found My Sim Friends

So where did I meet all my Simmer Friends??? Well… we have already established I have been around for a long time, so I actually do have some friends from when the Sims 2 was around… In theory, I could have Simmer friends from Sims 1 but I did not go on social media for gaming at that time, nor did I explore the forums.  My longest Sim friends are from the official forums.  However, more recently I have found Simmers through Twitter and other games.  Sometimes it surprises who plays the Sims and I find Simmers literally everywhere!

The Sims 3 Vs The Sims 4

Sims 3 Image

It was late in The Sims 3 that I added Sims to my social media accounts and I stayed active-ish in The Sims Community during this lonnnnngggg Sims 4 duration.  I will say I got bored with the official forums and it seemed to be more complaining and abandonment of topics than anything else in Sims 4.  In The Sims 3, the official forums were a happening place, but I did not find it as interesting during The Sims 4.


I ventured onto Twitter for a competition (@Sims4_Miss World) and met a slew of wonderful Simmers.  Fast forward five? years later and we have a wonderful group of friends.  What is strange is I was told Twitter was not a nice place, but LOL this seems to be where I meet some of the best Simmers! I find Twitter faster-paced and easier to navigate than other social media, so maybe it is just a preference.

Example #1  – Challenges & Mini Games

This Sims’ CC is found in this video — HERE

One of the easiest ways to keep things fresh and exciting in The Sims 4, is through challenges! You can of course invite and share the challenges you find with your friends.  Or…. make up your own challenge together.  One of the silliest and most fun things I have done with friends is making a Sim for my friend to download for a stream.  The catch was she was basically playing a game of bachelorette.  Her friends and viewers submitted Sims to compete for a chance at romance with her Sim.  It was a fantastic good time and a lot of fun-filled with laughter!

Example #2 – Competitions

Sims 3 Competition

So at one point in my Simming I was really into Sim modeling.  I guess it makes sense considering what I do now… LOL.  Anyways the majority of my Simmer friends come from the Sim modeling community.  A few years ago there used to be TONS of modeling and photo competitions, now there are a few on Facebook, and really only a couple on Twitter.  I am sure there are some on Instagram somewhere as well, but I am not on ‘Simstagram.’ Competitions are a wonderful way to spend time with friends and have a good time Simming.  I always enjoyed the large group chats with friends, it was always a lot of fun!

Example #3 – Chill & Sim (Build, CAS, or Play)

Discord Screenshare (my friend’s build)

One of my new favorite things to do is hop on discord and just chat with a friend while we Sim.  For me having someone to talk to while I am Simming is much more enjoyable.  You can always also share the screen in discord to show the madness that unfolds with your Sims.  This makes it a lot of fun and super easy if you are trying to get a second opinion on something.  I have always enjoyed making my friends in Create a Sim while they watch.  It is always super fun for me to start with something they would not wear, just to see what they say.

Example #4 – Sharing Sim & Edits


Bestie’s Sim Self & Jezi Sim Self  (Edits by Willeekmer) CC For these Sims found in Issue 002 (left Sim ) & Issue 004 (Right Sim)

One thing we love to do on The Resource Team is to share our Sims.  We absolutely love to see everyone’s creations and unique-looking Sims.  Being from all over the world Simmers are quite diverse and it is fun to see different views of beauty.  In another group of friends, we love to help each other pick out outfits, accessories, hair, and makeup for our Sims.  We all use CC so much that we can say “have you tried this from this artist,” and all know exactly what it is!

Example #5 – Group Project or Collaboration

Collaborations and group projects are super fun and a great way to Sim with friends.  I am a firm believer that things look so much better when multiple people are involved and it just makes everything so much more unique.  Collaborations could look like stories, images, custom content, videos, or really anything!


Original image by Sims_man123

For me personally Simming with friends has always been most represented by the Sims fan magazines I have worked with.  Each magazine was started by a group of friends with a similar goal, to share CC and gorgeous edits with other Simmers.  Finding just the right group of people is always tricky, but I am glad I have found my group of Simmer friends.  And if we run out of things to do game-related we generally just meme each other! LOL

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