Sim Death – ALL The Ways A Sim Can Die

Since the beginning of The Sims, many Simmers have been guilty of forcing the issue of Sim Death upon our Sims.  In a life simulation game, of course, death is a part of the game… but some of us take it a bit more out of the box than that, going out of our way to ‘off’ our Sims.  Now some are a bit more creative than others.  My go-to method of getting rid of unwanted Sims is to throw a party and wall off the pool, sure it takes time but you can always walk away and get a snack and a drink while you get rid of all those unwanted townies.  There are a lot of deaths so hopefully, I have them all!

Base Game Death

Where to start… well at the beginning of course! Ah yes, the classics… Death by burning, drowning… sadness… starving… The base game has loads of deaths that can happen to your precious Sims.  Of course, some Simmers kill off their poor little Sims on purpose! (I’m not judging… as I am guilty of this as well.) So let’s list off the many ways your Sims can die ‘naturally’ within Base Game.

Death by Fire

In the Sims 4, there are multiple ways to die a fiery death.  In the base game your Sim can set themselves on fire cooking and playing with the fireplace.  With the addition of expansion, game, and stuff packs there are more firey deaths available for your Sims such as; the dryer, the SimRay, and a sabotaged Christmas Tree.

Death by Drowning

Another classic… death by drowning, which is another one like death by fire where packs add more death opportunities.

Death by Hunger

This one is self-explanatory, starve a Sim and the Sim will die.

Death by Electrocution

Zapity Zap if your handiness is not up to crack you will get zapped.

Death by Rocket Ship Crash Landing

Crash and burn.  Yep, you guessed it.  The lower skill the more chances it will happen.

Death by Old Age

Sims and pets can expire from old age, of course, there are fixes such as potions and cheats to reset the clock.

Death by Overexertion

Yeah, it is exactly what you think.  Elder Sims woohooing… to death.

Death by Embarrassment

Pee your pants in public? That can trigger your Sim becoming mortified which can cause death by embarrassment.

Death by Hysteria

Yep, that is correct, your Sim can crack up and die from laughter!

Death by Cowplant

One of my favorites is death by cowplant.  If you Sims are going to go out better go out in style by getting eaten by a carnivorous garden pet.

Death by Anger

If your Sim gets too angry they can die from being enraged and have a Cardiac Explosion.

Expansion Deaths

New expansion pack? NEW ways to die!!! I mean… uh.. more gameplay? In all seriousness typically with new expansion packs, there are usually at least one if more new ways for your Sims to die.

Death by Pufferfish

With the addition of City Living came more cuisine and with these choices, the pufferfish became an option.  Now, this delicacy can be fatal if not cooked appropriately.

Death by Cold

In Seasons you can freeze to death if you stand out in the cold. Common sense right?

Death by Heat

Just like death from the cold, you can also overheat if you stand too close to the fire or in the outside heat too long. Again common sense… but do Sims really have that?

Death by Lightning

In a thunderstorm, your Sim can be struck by lightning. Self-explanatory here… if you don’t want this don’t go outside in a storm?

Death by Spell Caster Overload

In the Realm of Magic Pack, Spellcaster Sims can overload using spells back to back.

Potion of Immortality

What a twisted trick; if you take the Potion of Immortality will make your Sim stop aging… permanently… by turning the Sim into a ghost.

Death by Vending Machine

Item stuck in the vending machine? Don’t shake it too hard! Your Sim can get crushed if they climb on the vending machine trying to free their loot!

Death by Falling

With Rock Climbing being introduced in Snowy Escape it is only to be expected that Sims can now die by falling. Don’t slip!

Death by Flies

Be careful rummaging through trash… you can be eaten by flies with the Eco Life Pack.  Not the way I’d like to go.

Death by Beetle Juice

I love a good Easter Egg… Drink Beetle Juice Three times and well… you die and become a ghost.

Death by Death Flower

With the addition of Seasons, your Sims can now make a floral arrangement to take out Elder Sims if they smell the death flower arrangement.

Death by Research Machine Exhaustion

Who said the university couldn’t be hard! Well, this death proves you can really study yourself to death! This death I have never seen, tried to get it to pop, but no luck yet!

Death by Killer Rabbit and/or Chicken

In Cottage Living Simmers can now own and raise cute little animals such as rabbits and chickens.  However… if you scare and tease them they will turn on you.

Death by Night Wraith

This is a curse that came with the Realm of Magic pack, the Night Wraith does not directly kill the Sim… more of a mind game really.  Eventually, the Sim inflicted will die from various reasons because they become so caught up in the Night Wraith stalking them that they do not keep up on their needs.

Game Pack Deaths

Just like expansion packs, game packs generally also bring some additions to your gameplay and this includes more ways for your Sims to meet their demise.

Death by Sunlight

We all know Vampires cannot typically go out in the sunlight… and this is the same in the Sims 4 if they do not have the Immunity to Sunlight power.  If this is not a power your Vampire Sim has they will become roasty toasty and perish. (Vlad does not have it by default… just make him go to the desert and poof! no more Vlad!)

Death by Poison

In Jungle Adventures there is a new death… death by poison.  You got it one adventure full of bugs, creepy skeletons, and…. poison dart traps.

Death by Sauna

Whoever said too much of a good thing was not lying… in the Spa Day Game Pack if your Sim is in the Sauna too long they will ‘expire.’

Stuff Pack Deaths

Because stuff packs are smaller in content size.. the chances of getting a new death is lower than Expansion and Game Packs.  However….we did get the murphy bed and with that came a new and most rewarding death.

Death by Murphy Bed

With the Tiny Living Stuff Pack came the Murphy Bed and let me tell you it can pack one heck of a punch! You generally get two hits before your Sim dies… so if it crushes your Sim once probably best to stay away for a bit.

Death by Rabid Rodent Fever

My First Pet Stuff… yes we are mentioning it… very quickly.  There is a death that comes with it, your Sims can get sick from your hamsters and die.

Death by Wishing Well

With the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack, you get a lovely Wishing Well that your Sims can make wishes with… yes one is death. Well… and wishes can backfire.


I think it is safe to say Grim is willing to travel to whatever edge of the world your Sims meet their demise.  Of course, some of you all (yes I am pointing fingers) keeping poor Grim VERY busy.

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