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Saint Patrick’s Day CC Hunt

Another month, another holiday… which means another CC Hunt! This round we are going to take a look at GREEN CC, as Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! So we are going on a green CC hunt and are only looking at green CC… well and maybe a spot of gold as well!

Why Green?

So I was today old when I found out the reasons as to why people celebrate Saint Patrick’s day with the color green.  According to a reliable google search… there are a couple reasons.

Reason #1  Ireland’s nickname… The Emerald Isle

Reason #2  No Pinches! If you wear green you do not get pinched by a leprechaun (or anyone on this day).  Apparently, leprechauns like to pinch people… and the reasons a leprechaun would not pinch a person wearing green varies.  1. Wearing green makes it so that leprechauns cannot see the individual… or 2. Leprechauns like the color green so they won’t pinch you if you wear green.

Links – Hair  Dress  Earrings  Eyeshadow  Eyeliner  Lipgloss  Nails

If you do not celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, that is ok.  Green is also a great spring color… and we have loads of green CC here at The Sims Resource.


Links – Earrings Hair Eyeshadow  Eyeliner  Lipgloss

Accessories are always important! One would think accessories would be limited in the green department for CC, however, that is not true.  There are many options for even just emerald accessories here at The Sims Resource. But because we don’t want to do anything too predictable I found tons of other accessories as well!


Links – Eyeshadow  Eyeliner  Lipgloss  Blush  Nails  Earrings  Top Hair

A lot of people will tell you to be careful with green makeup, but I am going to say do you and don’t be afraid to use a bit of color!  Green is a lovely color and can be used all year round if you ask me! Green swatches are also pretty popular here at The Sims Resource, so have fun with color!

Kids & Toddler Accessories

Links – Earrings Dress  Hair  Eyeliner/Lashes  Lipgloss


There is soooo much clothing here at The Sims Resource I really struggled to only pick a few items.

Female Clothing

Links – Dress  Bracelet  Ring  Hair  Boots  Eyeliner  LipglossLinks – Top  Hair  Eyeshadow  Eyeliner  Lipgloss  Blush  Nails Necklace 


What do Jason Momoa, Robert Patterson, and Harry Potter have to do with St Patrick’s Day or Green CC? Absolutely NOTHING… aside from the fact that all these Sims are amazing!  I just thought it would be fun to showcase some Sims in this CC hunt as well as green CC! 
Links – Top  Jason Momoa Sim
Links – Top  Harry Potter Sim

Kids & Toddlers

Got green CC for kids and toddlers as well.  I opted to use the Robert Patterson Sim and age it down as my Male Sims are hit and miss at best.

Male Child Sim

Links – Jacket  Kids Hair  Robert Patterson Sim

Female Toddler Sim

Links – Toddler Dress  Toddler Hair


I hope you all find some amazing CC from this blog! I love holidays, pretty much all of them, even if I don’t celebrate them, I love themes!  Green is also one of my favorite colors to wear, aside from black and red, so enjoy this list of very green CC!

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Patch Notes: March 15th, 2022

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