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Room Reno #16: Woodsy Kitchen

Welcome back to Room Reno #16 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a former gardener get a kitchen that meets all her needs. Let’s meet her family!

Meet the McIntoshes!

Laila and Joe McIntosh are a newlywed couple who recently moved to San Myshuno. Joe recently got a huge promotion at his job in the business career, which prompted their sudden move from their house in the country to an apartment in the city. While Laila loves and supports her husband, she also wants a taste of their older, country house in their new apartment. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

The apartment that Laila and Joe moved into is a modern oasis. The color scheme is mostly black and white, with some teal accents to brighten up the space. Laila wants a taste of her country house in her new apartment, so a lot of the modern stylings of the current kitchen will have to go. In order to bring some warmth back, the new counters will have to bring some color into the room, and the decorations are also going to make the space cozy. Let’s get into the planning!

The Planning

The kitchen in the apartment is a smaller space, with an opening to a bar on one side and a doorway on another. I plan to fill most of the space with counters, along with a fridge and a double sink–pretty standard kitchen stuff, so far. The way I plan to transform this kitchen into a country kitchen is all based on the decor and color choices. I want this space to feel like it’s in a cottage in the woods, even though it’s in the middle of the city. Let’s get into building!

The After

Here’s the finished kitchen! I absolutely adore the how the space turned out. Oddly, the more cluttered and “busy” country space actually feels more spacious than the original kitchen, which is a benefit I wasn’t expecting with this room. The double farmhouse sinks are probably my favorite feature of the space–the copper interior is super chic while also being country. The wood refrigerator is also super cool and I think would look perfect in any kind of “off the grid” styled lot.

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