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Pastel Pop Kit Review

This Pastel Pop Kit Review is Presented by The EA Creator Network.

A bedroom laid out with all the objects from the kit.

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! Today is a very exciting day for me–I get to review the brand new Pastel Pop kit! For those of you who are new to the game, I’m sure you’re probably really overwhelmed with just how much DLC (downloadable content) exists for The Sims 4, which ranges from expansion packs at $39.99 USD to kits at just $4.99 USD. This pack is (as you can probably tell from the title) a Kit, which retails for $4.99 USD and comes with the smallest amount of objects due to it being the lowest price point for Sims DLC.

This set comes with 24 new build items, which evens out to about 20 cents per item. I find that breaking down the costs of Kits by each item is a really helpful way to determine if the price point is one that you’re comfortable with. Another important factor in buying any kit is how interested you are in the content–duh! This kit is 100% build/buy and is all about zoomer decor. The official description talks about taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s, which is exactly what modern Gen Z design tends to take from. If this aesthetic isn’t for you, I can guarantee this pack isn’t, either–but if it is, let me tell you more about it!

Another angle of all the kit objects on display.

As a fan of the pastel aesthetic and of 80s and 90s themed decor, this was a perfect pack for me to review. Those of you who follow the Room Reno series will probably recall that I made a Pastel Professional Office a few months back, which is probably one of my favorite builds to date. I also recently created a Danish Pastel Kitchen, which turned out absolutely adorable. Plugs aside, I think that pastels can absolutely make a room feel bright and airy and not necessarily childish or ‘kiddie’, no matter what some people might think. Needless to say, this is a really great pack for me to be reviewing because I just love pastels in general. I think they can work for pretty much any mood or season if applied correctly (even autumn!). Pastels are great, is what I’m saying.

But are the pieces in this kit as universally flattering as I think pastel stuff can be? Things get a bit trickier here. One of the first things I noticed when putting the objects in my game for the first time was that they’re sort of dark to be called pastel. The yellows lean far more golden, the pinks look more rose than baby pink…the colors just didn’t strike me in the way that I wanted them to. The lavenders were pretty close to what I was expecting, though the blues definitely skew darker than the periwinkle or robin’s egg shades I had been hoping for.

Furnishing with these pieces isn’t impossible, but it was definitely more challenging than working with true pastels, which tend to skew a bit more neutral and less abrasive to the eyes when combined with other pastels. The wallpaper shown above (which came with the pack) is a good example–I found it to be really bright and hard to furnish around, and I can’t see myself using it again in my game unless there’s a specific challenge I’m trying to do.

A room I made to my style using kit objects.

Here’s an example of how I took a room with the exact same layout as you saw above and used a few of the kit items how I would usually do it in game. This is always an important aspect to a build review, because most people aren’t using an entire pack to furnish a room (unless, again, you’re working on some kind of challenge). I found that the room I built skewed a lot closer to what I see online when it comes to teen/young adult room decor, where the pastels are mostly used as accents in largely neutral spaces to give them a bit more personality. I know dopamine dressing was a big trend this year, but for whatever reason every younger person I know tends to skew towards a mostly neutral room with accent colors instead of a super colorful space (my theory is it’s because it’s a lot more relaxing to be in a more neutral space when you’re trying to relax).

The room I made to my tastes from a second angle.

That isn’t to say this pack doesn’t have a lot of useful objects, though! Two of the most unique ones I found were the accent table and end table that look like they’re covered in colorful subway tile. They’re super cool and unique in the game (and real life, because I’ve never seen anything like that in real decor either). Funny enough, this kit really shines with its clutter items (despite coming out the same day as the Everyday Clutter Kit). The wiggly candle that looks like it’s coming out of the table? That’s something I’ve literally seen and considered at the store multiple times (though apparently you can DIY it for cheaper). The glowing salt rock is also a really true to life accent, as I know so many people who have them in their homes and bedrooms. The funky mirror that you see in the above image is also super trendy. I’ve seen lots of amazing mirror hacks, from painting on little clouds to using clay to make the edges wavy, but this one feels like an upscale version of those. Super chic! I would recommend this kit if you’re someone who likes this aesthetic and wants to use all the pieces in your game (I’m not sure if it’s worth the price for just the clutter items). If you aren’t sure, maybe hold off–if it speaks to you later on, you can always grab it later.

Thanks for checking out this Pastel Pop Kit Review! If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #68: Danish Pastel Kitchen or our Gilmore Girls inspired lookbook. Looking for something else? Read about how to build with the Desert Luxe Kit or about the latest game updates! Have a great day 😎

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