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Everyday Clutter Kit REVIEW

This Everyday Clutter Kit Review is Presented by The EA Creator Network.

Every object that came with the pack in one spot for you to see.

Hey there! Welcome back to The Sims Resource (or welcome if you’re new here! I know there have been a ton of new Simmers now that the base game is free to play–howdy! 👋) If you are new to the game, I’m sure you’re probably really overwhelmed with just how much DLC (downloadable content) that exists for The Sims 4. This ranges from expansion packs at $39.99 USD to kits at just $4.99 USD. There are even options in between, like game packs and stuff packs. All of this adds up to a ton of stuff to add to your game, but what’s worth it? What’s going to improve your gameplay experience, or make your builds that much more satisfying, or make your create-a-sim totally glowed up?

This is a pretty personal question, I’m not gonna lie, but I can definitely lead you in the right direction if you’re completely in over your head with Sims DLC. This article right here is a review for the brand spankin new Everyday Clutter Kit, and since I know there are a lot of Sims newbies out there I want to discuss just how important clutter is to the game. Clutter is the life essence of pretty much any builder I’ve ever talked to or watched. It’s the wind beneath my wings, the mother I never had, the sister everybody would want, the–okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away. But why do Simmers love clutter so much?

All the pack objects placed in one living area to try and see how it adds to the decor.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, clutter is “a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass”. In real life, clutter is pretty much a nuisance to all of us. The laundry on your floor? Clutter. The random bottles of skincare crowding up your sink? Clutter. The random pieces of paper all over your desk that you can’t throw out (because they might be important) but you don’t have time to sort through, so they just sit there, mocking you? Clutter. These are all annoying things for us to deal with. In a perfect world, none of us would have to deal with clutter.

But since we don’t live in a perfect world, clutter sort of becomes the fabric of our lives. Our work, our leisure, our love…all of it can be found in the little piles of stuff we leave around our homes, waiting to be cleaned up one day but taking up space just for now. All of this to say, you can build the most beautiful Sims house in the world, but it’s not going to feel like real people live there unless there’s clutter. And some people want to play the game to escape endless messes, which is fine! But the constant presence of clutter in our lives is absolutely why it fits in so well to The Sims 4, and why there’s a kit focusing on it. Clutter makes gameplay feel real, and when you want to play a realistic game, it’s the special sauce you want.

Clutter added strategically to make the room feel lived in.

So now that we’ve pontificated on the meaning and the popularity of clutter, what’s the deal with this kit? It’s pretty self explanatory as you probably saw in the above image with all the objects in one spot. Just a whole bunch of clutter items in a few different styles. The ones I could pick out were ‘New England Mom’, ‘Sports Bro’, and ‘Fishing Grandpa’. That’s not to say these pieces couldn’t be used pretty much anywhere (they are clutter after all) but they definitely would fit into specific worlds or build styles better than others. New England Mom would suit houses in the Cats & Dogs world of Brindleton Bay, while Sports Bro objects would work in a high end apartment in San Myshuno from City Living.

I had a few of the clutter objects stick out to me the most. One of the biggest was the hook with totes wall hanging–it immediately made me think of my mom, who has a ton of different spare bags hanging by the back door to grab on her way out depending on what she needs. In the realm of ‘Sports Bros’, there’s a pretty cool set of matching logo hats and mugs, along with a basketball and a hat combination wall hanging. I’m not one for including a lot of sporty aspects in my builds, but I still really liked this group of objects. And the Grandpa objects…they make my heart go soft. The fishing pole wall hanging made me go 🥺 at just how sweet it was. There’s also a pretty cool chess set and pop-up adventure book that made me think ‘grandpa’ as well, though as I said earlier these objects can be swapped in whenever you want.

So…should you buy this pack? If you’re a brand new player who’s still figuring out the ropes of the game, I would say probably not. I know that when I started building and decorating back in 2014 I was totally confused by the entire process, and ended up spending most of my time playing the game itself. While I love to build now, I definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed this pack back then! But if you’re an intermediate to advanced Sims player or just know you love to build, and you have the extra couple dollars to spare, I say it’s a pretty good investment to spice up your clutter from the current base game selections.

Thanks for checking out this blog! If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #68: Danish Pastel Kitchen or our Gilmore Girls inspired lookbook. Looking for something else? Read about how to build with the Desert Luxe Kit or about the latest game updates! Have a great day 😎

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