My Wedding Stories Patch Notes

A new patch has been released, focused around solving some of the issues that have been reported with My Wedding Stories. (This update unfortunately does not bring an update for the “Error 0” bug that many players have been experiencing.)

The updates and bug fixes in this patch are specifically targeted around wedding ceremonies and their surrounding gameplay. You can check out the original post by EA here.

Onto the actual bug fixes, as per EA’s Patch Notes:

My Wedding Stories

  • We fixed some issues with Ceremony Activities not working properly during Vow Renewal, Reception & Wedding Ceremony parties.
  • Sims will be able to go up and down short, medium, and long aisles now during the Gather at Aisle interaction.
  • Partners will show up for wedding events now.
  • Center park – Myshuno Meadows is listed among the venues in the wedding event planner now besides other additional venues.
  • Sims will no longer set their bouquet aside before walking down the aisle.
  • Ring Bearers and Flower Pals will no longer refuse to walk down the aisle after running any interaction from the “Ceremony activities”.
  • We adjusted our recipe for wedding cakes so they should last much longer. And we made them Vegetarian-safe! 🙂
  • Everyone will be excited for Cake and Dessert at Wedding Ceremonies now.
  • Wedding Guests and Officiants will “Gather at the aisle” properly now.
  • The “Cut Cake with <Sim>” interaction is no longer available on cakes that were already cut.
  • Officiants will not just stand there any longer, but will actually do their officiant job.
  • Sims who bend to their spouse when performing a “Spousal kiss” will no longer rub their ear into the other Sims face, but will use their lips to kiss their spouse instead.
  • Some curtains have been updated to cast a slightly less dramatic shadow when placed indoors.
  • Sims will react more appropriately when running romantic socials while Slow Dancing going forward.
  • We added some clarity to the tooltip of Wedding Cakes by including further details about eligible spots for wedding cakes to be placed in.
  • Sims will receive the “Not selected as a sim of honor” or ‘Wasn’t invited to wedding” sentiments only when appropriate moving forward.
  • “Let’s Get Drinks” is no longer available for Child and Teen Sims on Bars during Rehearsal Dinner, Family Gathering, or Engagement Dinner parties.
  • Engaged couples will no longer be able to perform Wedding related actions on Wedding Cakes they do not own.
  • Sims will cut their wedding cakes even if it has a cake topper; Sims will simply remove the topper from the cake and place it in their inventory before cutting the cake with their couple Sim.
  • We also fixed an issue with Cake Toppers floating above Cakes after Sims “Take a Piece”.
  • When selecting guests in the Wedding Event Planner it will show all the sims that are related to both individuals of the couple now. So guests should no longer get uninvited after editing the guest list with a Sim who was not the original host for the event – both couple Sims will be considered the host now.
  • Guests attire Dress Code and Color will no longer reset after editing a Wedding event.
  • Simmers will be able to choose which aisle Sims should gather at and Sims “Gathering For Recessional” will be able to go up and down the aisles without issues now.
  • We taught Sims some manners so they will pay proper attention to Toasts now and will stop chattering.
    • We know it’s a big day and everyone’s excited, but that’s no reason to be rude.
  • Sims with a larger backside will no longer experience their derriere to clip through ymTop_GP11Casual.
  • When Engaged Sims perform the “Exchange vows and Kiss” or the “Exchange Vows with Officiant and Kiss” Ceremony event, Sims will complete both interactions now and will no longer forget about the Spousal Kiss.
  • We made some tweaks so you can expect more sunshine in Tartosa moving forward.
  • Officiant Sims will now give the wedding couple their full attention and avoid talking to other sims during their speech.
  • Sims will wear their existing formal outfit for weddings if it is appropriately colored.
  • For Engagement Dinners Sims will wear their party outfits and for wedding reception and the vow renewals events guest Sims will wear their formal outfit moving forward.
  • We caught some mischievous gnomes who added super glue to wedding chairs, causing Sims to be unable to get up after taking their seats. We cleaned those chairs meticulously and advised gnomes to be more prudent so Sims will be able to get up to do other wedding related actions after sitting down.
  • We added some musical backdrop to accentuate important wedding moments.
  • Also, we improved an issue with arms clipping during Paired Dancing.

If you are experiencing bugs in your game, check out the resources at EA’s Answers HQ to see issues that other players are reporting, or to report your own.

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