Moonlight Chic Kit

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Moonlight Chic Kit

The Moonlight Chic kit was released on 5/26/2022.  This new kit features clothing styled for a night out, most definitely meaning date night vibes. According to the EA website, this kit was inspired by Paola Locatelli who is a Parisian Creator.  The items in this kit were designed to be modern and flowy, while still having color options.  ‘Modern Parisian Style’ is said to be youthful and trendy, combining sleek and dressy with casual.

Feminine Styles

There are several new clothing items for the feminine style with the Moonlight Chic kit.  I counted ten tops, five bottoms, and one dress.  Sure this does not sound like a lot, but I am satisfied with the ten tops… and keep in mind this is just a kit.  There are however only one pair of shoes and some of the clothing pieces (including the shoes) are for both masculine and feminine styles.

I do like the variety in the tops, however, I did not feel there was enough variety in the pants or a good pair of pants to match the sparkly crop top or long jacket.  They just do not go with those cargo pants.  I was also disappointed with the shoes, only one pair of tennis shoes. It would have been nice to have a nice pair of sandals to match that lovely silk dress.

Masculine Styles

So this kit is not terrible by any means, the clothing at least looks nice and in the feminine side has a good deal of top variety.  I did not however feel there was as much variety in the masculine style.  I counted only a handful of tops, five bottoms, and pair of tennis shoes. The masculine styles offer many options with lots of layers, which is consistent with a night-out theme.


As far as accessories go there are at least some in the Moonlight Chic Kit.  There are a pair of earrings and a Necklace that are decent. Yes, that is right a set of earrings with a matching necklace.  In my opinion, they are a little big for the style, but hey at least there are some accessories in the kit.


For the most part, I would agree with the night-out theme… however… Chic… with those tennis shoes.  NO.  Looking at the items I would honestly only classify about 60% of the items as’ Chic.’ Cargo pants and tennis shoes just do not add to chic in my mind. I am a bit stuck up when it comes to a night out fashion, so unless it was a decidedly casual date (movie or walk in the park) I would be horrified to wear or see someone in tennis shoes.  Truth be told I would be more likely to wear my hiking boots than wear tennis shoes on a date.  

This top… also not Chic in my opinion… looks more like pajamas.

So in my opinion this is one of the better kits for feminine styles.  I would prefer more shoes and accessories over those recycled cargo pants, but I am only one person.  I also very rarely play with EA clothing.  Overall there are a decent amount of swatches and options and you get a decent amount of options for the cost of the kit. *Side note I kept tying Moonlight Chicken instead of Chic, clearly I need more coffee.

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