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How to Create Custom Eyes in The Sims 3

how to create custom eyes in The Sims 3

This custom content tutorial will teach you how to make custom eyes for your Sims in The Sims 3. It’s a relatively simple project using our TSR Workshop.

Open the Workshop and start a new project

→Create new Project

create new project in TSR Workshop

Now, choose the category: Makeup|Facial Overlay

→ Makeup|Facial Overlay

makeup/facial overlay

Choose the Mesh you want to change.

In my case: amCostumeMakeupFeline, a Tigermask → Baby|…|YAdult|Adult|Elder → Male|Female → Everyday|Naked|… → amCostumeMakeupFeline

tiger makeup face

Click: Next and ok, the Mesh is now loading.

On the left side, you will see the mask you want to change. On the right, you will see the Project|Texture|Mesh tabs.

Under Project you can manage the projects name, the description and others. Under the Textures tab, you will see the needed textures, which you have to export as a .dds file for making the custom eyes.

Now, click on the textures tab.

→ Textures → Face Overlay

textures face overlay

Click on Face Overlay on the right side.

Click on the little button with the dots.

Export the image, which will pop up in another window.

→ Face Overlay → “… Button” → export

export face overlay

Now, open the exported image in photoshop or another program, which is able to open a .dds file.

The Eye Image is shown in the left under corner of the Overlay image. You can change the Eye you want to do, but the rest of the images have to be colored white.

how to make custom eyes in Sims 3

Now, color and change the image how you like. Save your changes as a .dds file!

Now, go back to the workshop and click to face Overlay again.

return to the face overlay

Open the window by clicking on the button with the dots to import your new eye image.

Click done to take effect.

→ import → done

Under the category Tint Color you will see the colors of the feline mask. Change the terms to false! Your mask will no longer be orange.

→ Tint color A|B|C enabled → false

remove face overlay mask

Go back to your project tab.

Give your project a name under the categories: Title + Description. Click Extras and name your project under the category: Filename. This will be the name for your S3Pack!

save custom eyes

Now you can Export your custom eyes to Sims3Pack.

For Practice

Here is my Eye Overlay Image for you to practice and work with in the meantime.

custom eye overlay for practice

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