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How to Create a Fake Halfwall in Sims 3

finished fake halfwall Sims 3

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a fake halfwall in your Sims 3 game using the ConstrainFloorElevation Cheat. This halfwall is not really to build a house with, because ceilings aren’t rendered properly. You can use this for taking screenshots for upload or something similar.

Create a room

create a room to create a halfwall

Create the base shape/ room where you want to create your halfwall. You can create it on a foundation like I did, but you don’t have to. This also works on ground level. Although, if you go with this way, your room needs to be 2 stories high.

When you have done this, press CTRL+SHIFT+C on your keyboard to open the cheat window and enter this cheat: ConstrainFloorElevation false

Now go to the buildmode and select any stair, with or without rail, make sure it’s set to 1.

Place first stair

place first stair

Place the Modular stair on the ground and move it a little with the mouse button clicked so that it will move into the ground. Let the mouse button go.

Place second stair

place second stair

On the landing of this first stair, place the start for your second stair and repeat last action. By placing these 3 stairs, you have lowered the ground by 8 clicks. That is half a wall. a full wall is 16 clicks high. So by this you can measure how high your halfwall would be.

Create bigger area

how to create a fake halfwall in Sims 3

Go to the flatten tool in your build mode and drag from the lowest created point and just make your work area a little bigger.

Place new wall

place a new wall

Now create a 1×1 either foundation or room. This depends on what you choose for your first room, where you want your halfwall. If you’ve build that on a foundation, you need to add a foundation here too. If not, then just place a wall. with a second story.

Create to be Halfwall

create to be a halfwall in Sims 3

Next create the to be halfwall in your room/ showroom and go up one level (buildlevel) Please take note; do not let you halfwall connect to any of the outer walls. Make sure that there is at least 2 tiles between the walls and to be halfwall.

Create your halfwall

create Sims 3 halfwall

Select the flatten tool again; now drag from the top of your “pillar” outside onto your to be halfwall. The arrow in the picture is showing the direction you should go.

Warped wall

warped wall

After you let go you can see your newly created halfwall. You will also notice that the outer wall is pulled down. This we can fix.

Fix your warped wall

fix warped wall

Select the whole edge along the wall with the flatten tool and let go again.

Fixed wall

fixed wall

You can see your wall is now “corrected” again. Next Change the walls, floors etc. and decorate your room to make your screenshot. please take note that with this method you will not have a ceiling in your screen. So keep that in mind when taking your screenshot.

And you’re done!

finished fake halfwall

Now you have finished your halfwall. Take your screen enjoy it. Do not forget to turn off your cheat, you do this by opening the cheat window and type ConstrainFloorElevation true.

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