The Sims 4 – Courtyard Oasis Kit Review

Courtyard Oasis Kit

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Released today is a new Sims 4 Kit, the Courtyard Oasis Kit.  This gorgeous Kit is available on PC/Mac and Console versions of the game.  The whole idea behind Kits is to give players more choices with a theme of content to enrich their gameplay.  As of now, there are four Kits available: the Throwback Fit Kit, Country Kitchen Kit, Bust the Dust Kit, and Courtyard Oasis Kit.

Objects in the New Sims 4 Kit

Courtyard Oasis Kit

At first glance of the Courtyard Oasis Kit, the theme is clearly inspired by traditional Riads in Morocco.  Some of the items from the new Kit include bold colors, vibrant patterns, textured walls, carved wooden furniture, open doorways, ornate decor, and flowing fountains.  All of these themes are also found in traditional Moroccan architecture and home design. Using this kit, my Sims now will have a gorgeous courtyard in their homes!

The New Courtyard Oasis Kit

Build Items

We are going to start out with what all you builders are excited for first…the build items. Yes, those lovely columns, a new frieze, ceiling rails, large fountain, wall patterns and paint, windows, new fence, stairs, floors, and five doors.  I am a big fan of this architecture style and I am super excited to see the masterpieces that come from this Kit.

Build items in the Courtyard Oasis Kit

Buy Items

Alright, so the most important element of the buy item section is two new very large plants.  The two new plants are the Fan Palm Tree and the Banana Tree.  The wonderful thing about the Banana Tree is that its spacing is based on the planter pot–spacing it as the planter instead of the whole plant means you can get more plants in your room.

Courtyard Oasis Kit Plants

Just kidding, not really…I am one of those…plant folks. Alright, moving on there are decor items, lights, chairs, tables, and even a teapot set,  totaling eleven items.  Actually, my personal favorite item in the build section is in fact NOT a plant.  I really like the Treasured Tea and Coffee Table by Guilded Furniture Factory.  This little table has eight swatches and the tea set fits perfectly on it.  The majority of items in this Kit have six or more swatches aside from the tea set, which has four swatches.

Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis


The endless possibilities in The Sims game are one of the many highlights of this game.  Content like the Courtyard Oasis Kit adds to your gameplay and possibilities in unique ways from player to player.  There are going to be some incredible builds coming from the items in this Kit!  Just hear me out on this…an indoor swimming pool and plant room.

Walls & Floors in Courtyard Oasis


So we have established that the Courtyard Oasis Kit is absolutely gorgeous and I am extremely excited about this Kit.  According to The Sims 4 website, you can purchase this kit for $4.99 USD (just like the previous kits).  When I first saw the leak of this Kit I thought to myself, “THE COLUMNS!”  I am one that usually just looks for CAS, but I cannot get over the builds we are about to see come from the items included with this Kit!

We here at The Sims Resource are happy to keep you not only swimming in custom content but also up to date on all things Sims! If you missed our review of the Throwback Fit Kit, Country Kitchen Kit, Bust the Dust Kit you can still read it HERE.

Patch Notes: May 13th, 2021

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