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All About Swimwear CC

It’s Summer, and we are diving in with the new Artist Collab Life’s a Beach, so we will look at swimwear CC. There are many different types and styles of swimwear, and here at TSR, the artists have you covered!  This blog will have a mix of CC from the Life’s A Beach Collab and already-released content.  I like to keep a variety, so we mix it all up like a cyclone of CC!  Some CC selections are brand new, others a little older, all excellent choices amongst the thousands of great swimwear selections for your Sims on TSR.


Want to really go overboard with swimwear CC??? Check out the Life’s A Beach Collab – HERE

*This Collab is brand new, so items are still releasing.*



Featured CC – Bikini Top, Bikini Bottoms, & Glasses

So what am I defining as swimwear… swimsuits and what you would wear around the pool.  We will keep this simple so I can link as much swimwear as possible.  Also, because I love fashion, I will review different swimwear styles to make things more enjoyable.   I did not count how many pages of swimwear there were on TSR, but there is a lot, so I will try to get in as much as possible without going overboard.

Feminine Styles

Featured CC – Swimsuit, Glasses, Earrings, & Hat

There are so many different styles of swimwear available to download on TSR that it took a lot of work to select only a few classes.  So I approached this task by looking for different styles; bikinis, monokinis, tankinis, rash guards, and traditional one-piece suits.  These are the more common swimsuit styles, and then the classes break down to bandeau tops, shorts, halter tops, string bikinis, and more.  Sometimes the overall style combines these additional style elements, for example, a halter top tankini with shorts.  Of course, this allows mixing and matching styles and more options to select the perfect swimwear CC for your Sims to make a splash!


Featured CC – Swimsuit

A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that shows the wearer’s naval and stomach area.  Bikinis can range in all different shapes and styles, from strapless bandeau tops, halter tops, string tops and bottoms, cross-over tops, tube tops, shorts, and more. The one thing I like about two-piece swimsuits is the ability to mix and match styles.  You can put one top with a different bottom, creating your unique look.

Featured CC – Floral Bikini, Pareo, Camo Bikini Top, & Camo Bikini Bottoms


Featured CC – Swimsuit

My go-to swimsuit is a monokini, styled like a bikini but still one piece.  A monokini generally has cutouts, straps, or areas that show skin and sometimes appear to be two pieces. However, it is all one suit.

Featured CC – Purple Monokini


Featured CC – Hat, Tankini Top, & Tankini Bottoms

Tankinis are another two pieces, but instead of showing a large amount of the waist area like the bikini, it is one solid piece covering the naval and stomach area.  These styles of swimsuits are also great for mixing and matching.  In real life, stores often sell the tankini top and the bottom pieces separately to encourage mixing and matching.

Rash Guard

Featured CC – Swimsuit & Glasses

When I taught swim lessons, I wore a lot of rash guards.  These things are great. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they hold form if fitted very well. Rash guards are super practical and, in my experience comfortable.  I am excited to see them as CC, as I love to put my beach sims in them, one rash guard, and one swimsuit, and we are set!

Classic One Piece

Featured CC – Swimsuit

Of course, we have to include classic cut one-piece swimwear!  Compared to the monokini, there is generally more coverage and no large open spaces around the stomach in the swimsuit.  Classic one-pieces are great for water sports as they (depending on the straps), move less than the other swimwear designs.

Featured CC – Purple Swimsuit & Blue Swimsuit

Masculine Styles

Featured CC – Top & Swim Trunks

Alright, now onto the masculine styles of swimwear!  That’s right, this blog is a tidal wave of swimwear CC!  We have feminine, male, and kids’ swimwear, so why not highlight as much as possible!  So let’s dive into the different styles of swimwear here.

Swim Trunks

Featured CC – Swim Trunks

We will start with traditional trunks; how many kinds of trunks can you have?  Well, a lot, actually.  When I think of conventional swim trunks, I think of the shorts stopping between the mid-thigh and the knee.  There are loads of swim trunks to download for your Sims and many patterns and colors to pick from here at TSR.

Bermuda Shorts

Featured CC – Rash guard & Shorts

Unlike other shorts and trunks, Bermuda shorts stop above the knee.  These shorts also tend to come in various colors and patterns, making it easy to get ready to make a splash!

Sport Trunks

Featured CC – Swim shorts

Sport Trunks or shorts are shorter trunk that is above mid-thigh.  These trunks are also generally a little tighter in fit.  I have also seen them referred to as swimming briefs.

Featured CC – Swim shorts


Featured CC – Speedo

With CC from TSR, there are many styles to pick from; yes, speedos are a thing even in The Sims! All joking aside, I was always told by my swimmer friends who preferred this style over jammers that speedos were quite comfortable.


Alright, now onto the Kid’s swimwear!  Since I reviewed many styles in the above sections, we will focus on the links and get all this great CC!


Featured CC – RASH GUARD, tube, shorts, & swimsuit

I love a great swim set!  Both images to the right, above and below, are available in child and adult sizes and have settings to perfectly match!

Featured CC – Top, Swim Trunks 1, & Swim Trunks 2


Featured CC – Swimsuit & Glasses

These toddlers are getting their sea legs!  But they look super adorable in their cute swimwear!

Featured CC – Swim trunks & floaties


Featured CC – Swimsuit

Awww, poor baby… she needs a little pool too! But she looks great in that swimsuit!


There is a boatload of swimwear CC for your Sims here at TSR.  Even on Sims, I have to say my favorite style is the monokini, but the great thing about playing Sims is I can make multiple outfits per Sim, so I don’t have to make a solid decision. This is great for someone who has a hard time deciding what their Sims are wearing!  I’ll take one of EACH, please! I hope you found some excellent swimwear CC for your Sims, and just remember there is even MORE! Happy Downloading!

Featured CC – Bikini Top, Bikini Bottoms, & Hat

Some of the highlighted CC is from the current collab, Life’s A Beach, so the CC may still need to be released.  You can find the collab HERE. 

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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