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Adding Lots to Sunset Valley in The Sims 3

how to add lots in Sunset Valley

Would you like to know how to add lots to Sunset Valley in Sims 3? Want to use all those nice Bridgeport lots but cannot fit them? This tutorial will show you how!

In this tutorial I will explain how to create new empty lots and how to place them within the town. This tutorial will not show you create a world, only how to place the new lots sizes into Sunset Valley.

how to add lots in Sunset Valley

I’ve played with my Sims all over the Sims 3 world… Twinbrook, Bridgeport, Barnacle Bay, Riverview, and more. But my all time favorite town is Sunset Valley. And that’s a problem. Why? Because if you are like me, you have all of the expansion packs (up to Generations) and poor Sunset Valley is missing out!

changing a lot

I will start by assuming that you already know how to change an existing lot from residential to community or vice versa. If you haven’t done that before, I strongly recommend that you read Tugmel’s excellent tutorial Change Beach Lot before starting this one.

You do not need any special programs for this! Just the Sims 3 and patience. To make things simple, I will start with a new town. From the main menu, click the “New Game” plus symbol.

click New Game plus

From the drop down menu, click “Sunset Valley.”

click Sunset Valley

Once the town loads, click on the options menu and choose “Edit Town.”

click Edit Town

One of my favorite lots from the Late Night expansion is the Plumbob Pictures Backlot. This is a very large lot (64X64) so there are only a couple of places that it will fit. I’ve chosen to place it with the other large lots on the hill, at 15 Summer Hill Court.

fixing the lot size

But oh no! The current lot is only 60X60 and we need a 64X64. That’s OK, we can fix this. First we need to remove the existing lot (Keep in mind that once you delete or bulldoze a lot, you can’t get it back). Click on the Bulldozer in the menu and then click on 15 Summer Hill Court.

are you sure you want to bulldoze this lot?

The game will post a warning, just click Accept.

World Editor Button

And the lot is gone! Yay! Now, go back to your menu and click the World Editor button.

click world editing button

Make sure you have the first tab selected, showing the empty lots, and pick out the biggest one (64X64).

grid of red squares

You’ll see a large grid of red squares held by a hand on your map. Use your mouse to place that grid on the empty space where 15 Summer Hill Court used to be.

move the lot until it turns green

Move the lot grid with your mouse along the edge of the road until it turns green. Once the grid turns green (and if you are happy with where it is), left click with your mouse or press enter to set the empty lot in place. (It does not matter what direction the arrows are facing but I prefer to have them against the road whenever possible. The fastest way to turn the grid is to use the arrow keys.

menu arrow button

Now, go back to your menu again and find the arrow button.

change lot type button

Select your new empty lot and click the Change Lot Type button.

change the lot type to community

Change the lot type to Community and from the drop down menu, choose Visitors Allowed.

click place copy

Within the menu, change tabs to show community lots and find the Plumbob Pictures Backlot. Click “Place Copy” and set the movie studio onto your new empty lot.

how to add lots to Sunset Valley in Sims 3

And you’re done! But wait… this is supposed to be a “rabbit hole” lot, not a regular community lot. Don’t panic! As soon as you enter “Play” mode, the lot will show just as it should.

Now you can add lots to Sunset Valley in The Sims 3 with ease!

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