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side jobs

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If you remember last we saw Catherine and her son Kolten, they were enjoying the weather in Brindleton Bay. They had some happy times, but, as children do, Kolten grew up and married a wonderful girl named Angela.

While Catherine brought him up to be a gardener, Kolten knew he was destined for more. So he packed up his wife, said goodbye to Catherine and headed for Del Sol Valley where he knew he could become famous.

Get Famous! preview

He was very happy to move into his new home in a modest neighborhood at Mirage Park. It was quaint and quiet where Angela could pursue her writing. Yes they may be quite happy here.

Kolten bought a few acting books and began to study. He also got himself an agent.

getting an agent in Get Famous!

selecting an agency

shot down

It didn’t take long for the agent to find auditions for him. He was extremely excited. However, it didn’t go well, because after all he was a gardener and the auditions required more skills than he had. Kolten didn’t get the part! So he buckled down and studied hard, practicing his acting skills in the mirror, while his wife decided to get finished on that book! Good thing Catherine passed on that mother lode inheritance to him.

acting lessons

Angela had started writing long ago and before long she finished her first novel. In the excitement, she found choices for how she could market the book. She noticed that all the choices would start her on her own road to fame. Made sense after all—artists become famous, writers become famous, singers become famous, etc.

submitting book to agent

Kolten continued to earn his skill set but did not forget about social media. He made sure he got his name out there every chance he got! So looking on his phone, he began to use social media as an outlet for his fame.

Get Famous! social media

A few weeks passed before Kolten called the agency for another audition. This time he auditioned for a Suds commercial. This time he was successful. A time and date was given to Kolten for the filming.

 The day came and Kolten went to the studio for his big break. He had tasks to do like other jobs he had seen and a time frame in which to complete them. First to Make-up, a costume change, directors notes, and off to do the commercial.

commercial filming

This went on and he continued to do street performances, social media, and auditioning all the while for other jobs.

side jobs

signing autographs

photography shoot

As his fame grew, so did the demand for him, and he received perks that he could enjoy for being famous.

look how famous Kolten is!

Perks included an entourage! There were several ways he could have gone, but Kolten was raised properly and was a very kind star. After many auditions and beating the pavement, Kolten finally made it. The house at the top of the hill. An overlook into the beautiful town of Del Sol Valley.

new home in Get Famous!

This EP has many things you can do. It is much like other fame EPs from prior Series versions of the game.

  • You can turn off fame for non famous Sims in the game options menu
  • The phone has an option to wipe fame clean, taking away any perks you may have earned so you can start over
  • You can dress in a disguise if you want to roam freely once famous and not have fans follow you. Click on any mirror for this option.
  • The Sims will walk differently once famous. You have an option to turn this off by clicking the Sim.
  • Testingcheats has new options for fame when clicking on the Sim once enabled and choosing the public image options
  • Fame can be lost by not staying in the public “eye” by not being visible or out and about.
  • When becoming an actor you do not go with the Sim on auditions. You only do so once hired.

Get Famous! new items preview

Added to the game are props to make “sets” and cinema signs. I leave you with all the new items in the game:

Get Famous! new furniture

Get Famous! new landscaping

Get Famous! new outdoor furniture

Get Famous! new doors and windows

Get Famous! new shoes

Get Famous! new hats

Get Famous! new hair styles

Get Famous! new boys' clothes

Get Famous! new girls' clothes

Get Famous! new boys pants

Get Famous! new girls bottoms

Get Famous! new accessories

Get Famous! stage lights

Get Famous! stage props

Get Famous! new flooring

Get Famous! new housewares

Get Famous! new signs

Get Famous! new furniture

Get Famous! new curtains

Get Famous! production props

Get Famous! new bathroom furniture

Get Famous! new bedroom furniture

Get Famous! new bedroom furniture

Get Famous! new couches

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