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Hey y’all! It’s Paige, here with my very first TSR lookbook: The Sims Resource and Wandavision. Earlier this year, Wandavision landed on Disney+ and I was really excited to see what the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first foray into the TV world would be like. The series follows Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch) and Vision as they live out various sitcom realities in different decades (there may be some spoilers ahead–proceed at your own risk!).  Each of the outfits Wanda wore in the series had me thinking: could I take a sim through the same style transformations that Elizabeth Olsen went through each episode? I decided to find out, using TSR Custom Content and my VIP membership to find all the pieces I needed.

The 50’s

The first episode of the series, titled “Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience”, puts Wanda in a 50s housewife outfit.

Since this whole episode was shot in black and white, I was able to take some liberties in picking out the colors of the shirt and skirt myself! The hair I found for 50’s Wanda was FeralPoodles’ Charlotte Hair, and the top and skirt are both by Colores Urbanos. The shoes were created by Jius.

Later in the episode, Wanda wears a 50’s style evening gown.

I was actually able to find some behind-the-scenes footage of this episode and discovered that Wanda’s dress is blue, so I went with a blue swatch of the Sofi dress by Colores Urbanos. I used the same hair and shoes as above because they both stayed the same between scenes.

The 60’s

Wandavision’s second episode, “Don’t Touch That Dial”, has Wanda in a cardigan and pants set typical of a 60’s housewife.

I love the monochromatic scheme of this outfit–you may notice as we get farther into the lookbook, but Wanda’s signature color is definitely red. The cardigan and blouse combo was created by Devirose, the pants are by Trillyke, and the hair is LeahLillith’s Harmon hair.

Later on in this episode, Vision and Wanda do a magic act as Illusion and his assistant Glamour.

As Glamour, Wanda wears a sparkly leotard, top hat, and heels with her shortened 60’s hairdo. The leotard I used is the Carlie bodysuit by MissFortune and the heels are JiusCrystal Embellished Sandals 02. I found the top hat in the base game. The hair is the same as it was earlier in the episode, so I used the same one again. My combination of The Sims Resource and Wandavision was going well, but I couldn’t tell how much harder it was going to get!

The 70’s

Wanda only wears one outfit in the 70’s episode, which is called “Now In Color”. She sports a colorful minidress, which doubles as a maternity dress because of her pregnancy in the episode.

This was one of the hardest outfits to recreate because of how uniquely 70’s the design is. I ended up swapping the patterned exterior and solid interior of the garment, using a solid colored sweater accessory by Dissia and a striped dress by Melisa Inci to create the same effect. I found brown boots created by MJ95 and used a long, straight hair by S-Club to complete the outfit.

The 80’s

Episode 5, “On a Very Special Episode”, takes us into the 80’s era of sitcoms, and along with them into 80’s fashion. This was a bit of a challenge, but I was determined to make my The Sims Resource and Wandavision collaboration a success.

As a young mother, Wanda wears a pink floral vest, pink pants, and a white shirt underneath with wild curls. I found a pink vest by Dissia, pink high waisted pants by Sims House, and a white shirt by Trillyke. The half-up curly hair was created by FeralPoodles, and I added some matching white sneakers by Bukovka to complete the outfit.

Later in this episode, Wanda wears another quintessentially 80’s outfit (complete with even more tousled curls!).

For the plaid shirt, I used Amp8688‘s plaid top and paired it with PinkZombieCupcake‘s High Waisted Denim Jeans. I used the red swatch of the same sneakers by Bukovka I used in the first 80’s outfit. I used the fabulously curly s35 Diva hair by SintikliaSims to finish it off.

Wanda is seen in a later episode, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”, dressed as her comic-book counterpart, the Scarlet Witch.

This was actually the hardest costume to recreate, so I worked towards capturing the “vibe” of the costume instead of going for exact replicas of the pieces! I used this red dress with cape sleeves by DarkNighTt to capture the look of the cape that Wanda wears with a red witch’s hat by Kalewa-a to help convey her witchy vibes. Her hair is FeralpoodlesJulie hair, and the shoes were created by Jius. I found the necklace and gloves in the base game.

All Decades

I wanted to make sure to include the items I used consistently throughout the decades in their own section, so here we are! The skin I used was S-Club‘s WMLL ts4 HS5.0 skintones FA, and I used it on Wanda in every outfit. I also used the Morgan Blush N53 and the Mia Eyelashes N93 eyeliner, both created by PralineSims. For lip colors, I used the red shade of S-Club‘s WM ts4 Lipstick 201919 lipstick for the 50’s and 60’s looks and Doe Lip Gloss N200 by PralineSims for the 70’s and 80’s looks. To pose Wanda, I used Model Poses 25 and Model Poses 19, both by HelgaTisha.

Which retro outfit is your favorite? Mine is probably Wanda’s 60’s outfit in the red–I just love a monochromatic look!

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